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The Events of Fatima. The Great Miracle.

Spitiritual Depression.--->
<---The Events of Fatima in 1917.

Summary of the events of Fatima:

The vision of Hell.

Insistence of the blessed Virgin to pray the rosary everyday.

The Great Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima.

The vision of Hell.

Day July 13, 1917

Moments after arriving at Cova da Iria, a crowd of people were praying the rosary, we saw as usual the blaze of the bright light and, then, to our Lady on the bush.

What do you want from me? I asked.

"I want you to come here on the 13th of next month, continue praying the rosary every day, in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary for world peace and the end of war, because only with the rosary it can getting".

"I wanted to ask you to tell us who you are, make a miracle so that everyone believes that you are appearing to us.

"Continue to come here every month. In October I will tell you who I am and what I want and I'll do a miracle for all to see and believe."

Here I made some requests to not remember what they were.
What I do remember is that Our Lady said it was necessary to pray the rosary everyday to meet these requests during the year.

She continued:
-"Sacrifice for sinners and say many times, especially when you make a sacrifice."
O Jesus is by your love, for the conversion of sinners and in reparation for sins committed against the Inmaculate Heart of Mary"

"By saying these words, opened his hands again as in past months.
The reflection seemed to penetrate into the ground and saw a sea of fire.
Plunged in this fire were demons and souls, as if they were transparent burning embers, black or bronze, which fluctuated in human form in the fire, carried the flames that issued from within themselves together with clouds of smoke falling on all sides, similar to the fall of sparks in huge fires, without weight or balance, amid shrieks and groans of pain and despair, which horrified us and made us tremble with fear.

(Must have been the sight of this when I gave that "Ah," they say have heard).
The Devils could distinguish by their terrifying and repulsive frightful and unknown animals, but transparent as coals on.
Scared to ask for help, got up, looked up at Our Lady told us between kind and said:

-"You have seen hell, where going to stop the souls of poor sinners, God want to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart.
If you do what I say, will be saved many souls and will have peace.
The war will end. But if not cease offending God, in the reign of Pius XI , it will start a worse one.

When you see at night illuminated by an unknown light (a fact that happened the night of 25 to 26 January 1938), know that is the great sign that God gives for punish to the world for its crimes by means of war , famine and persecutions to the Church and the Holy Father.
To prevent this, I come to ask the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart".

(This is requested for Sister Lucia in Tuy, Spain in June 1929), and the communion of reparation on the first Saturday (in an appearance requested by Sister Lucia in Pontevedra, Spain in December 1925).

"If they meet my demands, Russia will be converted and there was peace, but will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church.
The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated.
Finally, "My Immaculate Heart will triumph."

"The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, that it will be converted and will be awarded to the world a peacetime.
Portugal always be kept in the doctrine of the faith, etc.
This does not tell anyone. To Francisco you can say it.
When you pray the rosary,
will say after each mystery:

"Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, leading to Heaven and to all souls, especially those in most need of thy mercy."

After a pause i asked:
What more do you want from me?
"Today I want nothing more from you"
And, as always, began to climb towards the west and disappeared into the vast remoteness of the sky.

Insistence of the Blessed Virgin to pray the Rosary every day.

On 19 August 1917.

We were grazing, accompanied by Francisco and his brother John in a place called Valiño, and feeling that something supernatural approached and surrounded us, suspecting that Our Lady came to appear to us, and gave me grief that Jacinta could not see the Virgin, we ask his brother John who was to call her.
Not wanting to go, I offered twenty cents, and off he ran.

Meanwhile Francisco saw the light reflection we called lightning, and Jacinta had reached a moment later, we saw Our Lady on the pine.

What do you want from me?.

"I want you to continue going to the Cova da Iria on the 13th and to continue praying the rosary every day.
Last month, in October, will make a miracle for everyone to believe".

(On August 13 the children were in prison.)
If they would have not led them the children to the Village of Ouren, the miracle would have been more impressive.
It would have appeared St. Joseph with the Infant Jesus to give peace to the world. Our Lord would have come to bless the people.

It would have come Our Lady of the Rosary with an angel on each side.
It would have appeared Our Lady of sorrows with an arch of flowers around her.
The Blessed Virgin urges children once more to prayer and mortification, and putting her a more sad face adds:

"Pray!, pray much! and make many sacrifices for sinners, for many souls go to hell for not having one to sacrifice and pray for them."
And as usual began to rise toward the rising sun.

September 13, 1917.

Approaching the hour, we went to the Cova da Iria with Jacinta and Francisco, among many people who just let us go.
The roads were crowded with people. Everyboy wanted to see us and talk to us.
We attended each person equally.
We, arrived finally to Cova da Iria, near the pine tree and began to pray the rosary, with the people.
Soon after, we saw the reflection of light, and then to Our Lady on the oak.

"Continue to pray the rosary, to reach the end of the war.
In October Our Lord will also come, Our Lady of Sorrows and the Carmen and San Jose with the Child Jesus to bless the world.
God is pleased with your sacrifices but do not want you to go to sleep with the rope tied to the body, only use it during the day".

(Children punished their body by tying a rope and they offered for the conversion of sinners)
I have many requests to make. Will you respond to request?
Cure some patients, a deaf mute.

"Yes, some, not others. In October I will make a miracle for everyone to believe".
And started to getting up, disappeared as usual.

The Great Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima.

October 13, 1917.

We left home quite early, with the delays of the road.
The town was anxious. Torrential rain fell.
My mother, fearing that it was the last day of my life, with broken hearted and the uncertainty of what would happen, she wanted to accompany me.

At the Cova da Iria, near the pine, transported by an internal movement, I told the people, and shut their umbrellas to pray the rosary.
Soon after, we saw the reflection of light , and then to Our Lady on the oak.

-What do you want from me?

"I do want to tell you to make a chapel here in my honor, "I am Our Lady of the Rosary", and I want you to continue praying the Rosary everyday.
The war will end. And the soldiers will return to their homes soon".

I have many requests, says Lucia. Want to meet them or not?

"Yes,some, some do not.
"It is need repent and ask forgiveness for their sins.".

And taking a very sad look continues the Blessed Virgin;

¡Cease to offend God Our Lord, who is already quite a lot offended!

Virgin opens his hands to make them reflect the brilliance of the sun and it rises, its light is constantly and is projected into the luminous disk.
Lucia screamed to the crowd: it´s coming, it´s coming, look, there ...! Look at the sun!
The crowd, more than 70,000 people, soaked by rain all night and all day, look at it from the mud toward to the sun.

The children sees close to sun:
to Saint Joseph dressed in white who emerges from among the cloud letting see his chest.
with her left arm holds the Child Jesus, full body and dressed in red.
With his right arm blesses three times to the crowd.
Our Lady is on the right of the sun, full body, dressed in white with a blue cloak that covers her head and falls loose.

Vanished this apparition takes place another.
Jesus, on the right side of the sun dressed in red and the Virgin with the features of Our Lady of Sorrows, dressed in pink, but no sword in the chest.
Jesus blesses the people.
Once this vision is finished,
Lucia saw the Virgin with the characteristics of Our Lady of Mount Caramel and let dropping "something" of his right hand.

In the meantime the crowd saw, admired and horrified, another spectacle,
the sun like a huge ball of fire by turning "crazy" in the sky and seems falling down above earth.
were ten minutes, lived as an eternity ...
Everything finished, was almost dark, the faces of the people appeared painted yellow ...

Among the few tears of joy of some and repentance of others, all could see that the clothes, shoes, the earth had dried.
The Virgin had been kept her promise and hoped, from now on, that her sons respond to his requests.

The great seer of Fatima, Sister Lucía, at age 92.

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