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The Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta.--->
<---Satan´s Smoke

This SPIRITUAL DIARY has been written in Hungary by Elizabeth Kindelmann (1913-1985), an humble widow who listened to the voices of Our Lord and the Virgin Mary in the form of interior locutions and spiritual.
The DIARY contains a very important message : our most Holy Mother will blind Satan with the flame of Light and Graces that flashes from her Immaculate Heart. That Flame of Love will warm up all hearts, even the non-baptized. We have to collaborate with Her to this Work. The Virgin Mary cries, implores, prays and asks for prayers, sacrifices, Holy Hours in family, fasts, in order to help Her in this struggle against the Evil and for the Salvation of millons of souls.


The Movement of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Elizabeth Kindelmann, born in Szantö, Hungary. After a long illness patiently endured, with love and offered to God, was comforted by the sacrament of the sick, and the Bread of Angels, the commnuion. She left this world on April 11, 1985. R.I.P.
She was buried in ERDOFALU, Hungary, about 20- 24 kms SouthWest of Budapest, on the banks of the Danube..

Having carefully read the book The Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and carefully examined what R. P. Gabriel Rona S. J. had to say about it, I sanction the printing of this work with the greatest desire that the devotion towards the Blessed Virgin Mary be a pledge of salvation
Ecclesial approval of the original: "Szeretelang" Nihil obstat. Székesfehévar. (Hungary) Mr Imre Kisberk, No of transaction 1404 / 26.9 1978
lmprimi potest Antonio Sahagún López Auxiliary Bishop of Guadalajara. MEXICO.


Dr Ana Maria Trujillo de Moreno is National Coordinator in Mexico. She providentialy received during 1983, from Zaragoza, Spain, the first spanish booklet of this heavenly message. This same year, she came into contact with Father Gabriel Rona, S.J., who translated the SPIRITUAL DIARY from Hungarian into Spanish ; a native from Hungary, he had been living in Ecuador.

In 1985, Ana Maria began to distribute the first publications, in booklet forms of 14 and 67 pages, in color. As the translated texts came in, they were published one by one, so as to form seven booklets, which today form only one book.
In september 1984, Ana Maria founded in her own house the first cenacle of prayer. This cenacle was also the first to be attended by priests and the laity.
Due to her prayer and example, the cenacles rapidly spread in the whole Republic of Mexico, as well as in the other countries of Latin America.
Her main mission is to make the heavenly message of the Flame of Love of the Blessed Virgin known to the bishops and priests. She promoted some spiritual books, for the formation of the members of the Movement, and for those who are willing to pray and sacrifice themselves.

To whomever it may concern, I have the pleasure to introduce to you Dr Ana Maria Trujillo de Moreno who, for 14 years, has undertaken as her apostolate to promote the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Many bishops have acquainted themselves with this apostolate, and Dr Ana Maria surely is proud to saveguard their letters.
Here, in our Archidiocese, she carried on this beautiful Apostolate, and has multiplied the cenacles of prayer. The wonder of it all, is that it already has produced two feminine vocations and two Seminarians.
I understand that this Apostolate, as a group, is continuing to consolidate. Dr Ana Maria was first called to work with Father Gabriel Rona, a native from Hungary, who lived about 40 years in the Republic of Ecuador.
Following this, Dr Ana Maria kept in close contact with his Eminence Bernardino cardinal Echeverria, and with Sister Roth, who has taken over as international coordinator of this Movement.
The activities of this movement have evolved in such a way that Mrs Trujillo is now working at both the national and continental level. Futhermore, she receives support from a few spiritual directors. In our Archidiocese, her work is quite appreciated, also by the Archbishop, Mr Roberto Rivera Carrera, who stands by her. For these reasons, we are happy to open our doors to this Movement, so that it may continue its good work within our City.
Republic of Mexico, F.D., February 21, 1997.


San José, Costa Rica, April 17th, 1998.
Mrs Mercedes de Ulloa and Ana Isabel Solo Q.
Dear sisters in Jesus Christ Our Lord:
Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and after reading the Spiritual Diary of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I thought and meditated deeply upon its contents. I find nothing in it which could affect negatively Morals or the doctrine of the Faith.
On the contrary, I am of the opinion that this book will be useful to learn more about the duties of the christian life, a book burning with this Flame of Love, a Flame which brings light and comfort for all Mary’s children in her Heart. Accordingly, I accept the publication of such a beautiful message, which will enhance the spiritual well-being of many a soul, enlightening them by this eternal Flame of Love, which is nothing short of the Love of Jesus in the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Please receive both my greetings and blessing.
Your brother and servant. Antonio Troyo Calderon Auxiliary bishop of San José.

La Ceja, february 6th, 1996.
Mrs BEATRIZ CASAS DE TAVERA. Santafé de Bogota, Republic of Colombia.
I have received the booklet « CENACLES OF PRAYERS »
that you sent me. I thank you whole-heartedly for it. I have read this little book with great interest and benefit. Most certainly the Heart of Mary is flaming with this Love of God that the Holy-Spirit gave her in fullness. We christians are called to light up our hearts with the Flames of Love of the Heart of Mary.
Once again, may God reward you. God bless You.
+ FLAVIO CALLE ZAPATA. Bishop of Sonson Rionegro. Republic of Colombia.


In the year 2012, we will mark the 50th year after our Heavenly Mother was pleased to make us know her FLAME OF LOVE. And 18 years ago, her Flame came to Mexico.
From there, it spread across the whole american continent. For the present edition, I have revised carefully the text of the DIARY, so as to be able to present to you a plain and limpid text, and at the same time quite faithful to the original.

Let us give thanks to God for the marvellous expansion of this heavenly message, and to the Most Holy Virgin for her immense gift. May God be willing that this book help many brothers and sisters to find in it an exquisite maintenance for their souls.
May these, with burning hearts, participate in the work of Redemption, intimately united to the Lord Jesus and the Most Holy Virgin Mary.

In this present moment of the world, these so comforting words are sounding:
"I am your Mother, gentle and forbearing, comprehensive, and, together with you, I am going to save you! – I want to help you, and I have the Power of God to do it!"
"If only I had ever seen your good will and your decision to start off! Do not delay longer! You already have lost enough time".
(Words of the Blessed Virgin in may of 1962)
With all my kind regards and affection. H.m.v.h./ Hungary / october 16th, 2001.
Father Gabriel Rona S.J. translator.

Father Gabriel Rona, S.J., has his residence in Budapest, Hungary. He lived 30 years in Ecuador. It is at this time that he providentially received the written works of Mrs Elizabeth Szantö Kindelmann: A heavenly message that speaks of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Father Rona devoted his energies to the translation of these written documents from Hungarian to Spanish. Now, thanks to God and to his perseverance and dedication, it is possible in many countries of spanish language to be acquainted with the message of the Most Holy Virgin. Who undoutedly made so much good to souls of our time.

In July of 1999, Father Rona attended the First International Congress in Mexico.
Father Gabriel Rona continues from his country, Hungary, encouraging, advising and spiritually attending to the new members of the Movement. This same movement is present in many countries of Latin America, and in the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa and Asia.


With great devotion and emotion, we have read this book, FLAME OF LOVE, translated [from Hungarian to Spanish and now to English] by Father Rona S.J., and submitted to obtain permission previous topublishing. We must confess, with due sincerity, that we have found, in the pages of this book, the most beautiful and profound lessons of spiritual life, at such a point that we believe it proper not only to give the approval asked for, but also to recommend this book which will serve to advance deeply in the requirements of the Christian life.

Flame of Love is a new name given to that immense and eternal Love that Mary professes to all human beings, for whom Christ offered his Life and shed his Blood. Likewise, Flame of Love is the sweet name of Mary to her children. Flame that enlightens, flame that warns up, flame that burns, flame that, burning in the Heart of Mary, wants to burn in the heart of her children too, especially during these days set for the prayer of atonement that are Thursdays and Fridays weekly.

That is why the Flame of Love must be ignited in order to save all Christians; to save the families, saving the father and the mother of every christian family; to help to the sanctification of priests who, as they are more like Christ, will exercise a ministry all the more efficient close beside all their brothers; this Flame of Love must enlighten all the moments of the life of the Christian, all his moments of illness, of agony and of death.
Even after death, this Flame of Love must keep on to enlighten the hope of all those who are in the purgatory. At the same time that we give the licence to publish this beautiful book of Love, we express the most fervent wishes that it will reach numerous hands and turn itself into the instrument by which all of us can come together with God, unceasingly enlightened by this eternal Flame of Love, the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Bishop Bernardino Echeverría Ruiz, Archbishop of Guayaquil. Republic of Ecuador.
June 1989.

NOTE of Father Gabriel Rona, S.J:

His Grace Bishop Bernardino Echeverria, after having personnally studied the manuscript of the DIARY, giving it back to me, read me the preceding letter, under date of June 1989.
On November 26, 1994, his Grace Bishop Bernardino was promoted, by His Holiness John Paul II, Cardinal of our Holy Mother the Church. Until his death occurred on April 6th, 2000, his Eminence the Cardinal was a friend and a great apostle of THE FLAME OF LOVE. He himself approved the Statutes of the Movement.
He asked to His Holiness the Pope to give his approbation that the FLAME OF LOVE be accepted in the whole Church (October 22th, 1996). He received this answer from the Holy See:
"Encouraging you to take every measure for the Association to give abundant fruits among its members and also in the whole Church, I invite you to go on with the tender task of spiritual accompaniment ».
J. Francis Stafford, President of the Pontificium Consilium Pro Laicis 263/97/S-61/B.
His Eminence Cardinal Bernardino carried on this task with great love and dedication until his death. He is the one who presided the "First International Spiritual Congress of The Flame of Love" that took place in Mexico F.D., in July 1999.



This Diary has been written by an humble woman called Elizabeth Kindelmann, who lived in Hungary from 1913 to 1985. One knows that the Catholic Church experienced in this country a regime of persecution during these many years.
The Diary eventually penetrated into Western Europe, into the hands of a hungarian nun, called Sister Ana Roth. Making herself acquainted with the pressing message of the Most Holy Virgin, that forms the main contents of this Diary, Sister Roth published the most important texts as booklets of 16 pages and, after that, 60 pages, translated in many languages and largely spread.

The full Diary was edited in hungarian in 1985, in Germany. My desire is that the message of the Most Holy Virgin come as soon as possible into the hands of numerous Spanish and English speaking faithfuls.

Elizabeth Kindelmann was born in Budapest, the thirteenth child of a humble family, named Szantö. When she was eleven years old, she became an orphan. The difficulties of life matured her personality. She could study only up to the fourth year of elementary school, but even that was in the plans of God, to make us admit that it is not Elizabeth who speaks to us, but God Himself by the intermediary of his "Human Instrument". Three times Elizabeth knocked at the door of convents to become a nun...

but she tried in vain. In 1930, she married an honest working man, Karoly Kindelmann, with whom she lived 16 years of harmonious matrimonial life. In 1946, she became a widow with 6 infant children. The struggle to make a living for her family became excessively hard, superhuman.
One week, she worked from six o’clock in the morning to two o’clock in the afternoon; and the week after, from two in the afternoon until ten in the evening.
At times, she worked double working days, (once in an iron foundry). It‘s only in a like manner that she could support her family and educate her children.
Her providential mission began in 1961. From this year, we can know well her spiritual life, owing to her Diary, written in Elisabeth’s own hand in 423 pages.


The Diary begins with the description of a dreadful "obscure night". Through the Most Holy Virgin, the divine light comes back. And Elizabeth begins to hear the voices of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary, in the form of interior locutions and spiritual; their words, she heard them clearly in her heart.
The Diary contains not only noble spiritual reflexions, but also a message of far-reaching effect, even more, "AN INITIATIVE OF GRACE" on the part of the Most Holy Virgin, of the greatest importance, that maybe one could sum up in this manner:

Satan is intensified to the maximun of his efforts to carry to hell the most souls as possible. Facing him, his eternal opponent, Mary Most Holy. We know that "where sin abounds, grace superabounds" (Rom. 5,20). She obtained from the Heavenly Father, by the merits of the Passion of her Most Holy Son, a very great effusion of graces, such as has not been since the Word of God became Flesh. (These are words of our Most Holy Mother).
She is going to blind Satan with the Flame of Light and Grace that flashed from her Immaculate heart. This Flame must ignite all hearts, even the hearts of those who do do not belong to the catholic Church. She tells us what we must do to collaborate with her in this work. The Most Holy Virgin Mary cries, begs, exhorts, asks of us prayers, sacrifices, Holy Hours in family, fasts, to help her in that fight against evil.

One could ask: What is there in this work? Does it add something to what the Church believes or does to venerate the Most Holy Virgin? We would answer that those written scripts make us see what the Virgin Mary feels, and how she acts in the present course of our history – this boundless spiritual motherhood, this incredible preoccupation for the salvation of the souls of her children.
Let us listen to her words :


Thanks to God, the booklets of The FLAME OF LOVE received a marvellous reception in the Republic of Mexico, country that the Most Holy Virgin loves so much and where she is so loved. Sure sign of her predilection for this people.
We hope the love towards HER will go always increasing more and more with the reading and the meditation of this.


I would like to state, dear reader, that the DIARY you are holding in your hands deserved the approbation of the Ecclesial Government of the Archidiocese of Guayaquil, Ecuador. You also have the favourable opinion of my Order, the Company of Jesus. I have the pleasure to transcribe it here in full:

lº- The subject treated is useful.

2º- The Spiritual Diary surpasses the medium quality of many autobiographies and testimonies.

3º- It agrees with the doctrine of the Faith and the tradition, as teached by the Ecclesial Magisterium, the spiritual authors and by the views of the people.

4º- It contains nothing that may be found to be a motive of offense to anybody. For these reasons, this work seems worth to be published.

In the same time, in Mexico, one was looking for other approbations from different bishops (inasmuch as it is in this country that the spanish edition is published). So came letters of congratulations, encouraging the spread and giving blessings to propagate this authentic devotion to the Virgin Mary, from the Archbishop of Acapulco, and from those of Celaya, León, Atlacomulco, Guadalajara, Durango, Aguascalientes, Hermosillo, Tuxtla Gutierrez and Mexico (no letters came from anywhere else, because the book had not been sent to all bishops).

We will mention, as a curiosity, that it’s the same day that gave their approbation his Lordship Bishop Gabriel Díaz Cueva, from Guayaquil, Ecuador, his Lordship Bishop Victorino Álvarez Tena, from Mexico, bishop of Celaya. His Grace Archbishop Ernesto Corripio Ahumada, from Mexico, gave us his verbal approbation, blessing the work, and confirmed it at a later date in writing.
Now, here I am, dear reader, leaving you with the SPIRITUAL DIARY into your hands, with all my best wishes that it fills up your heart with love for our Blessed Mother and with the burning desire to answer to her pressing demands.

Guayaquil, Ecuador, June 15th, 1989.
The translator [from Hungarian to Spanish and now into English]:
Father Gabriel Rona S.J.

October 1962. Posterior annotation.

What I am going to write down in continuation here, the Blessed Virgin told me that in this same year of 1962. I bore it in me for a long time, without being able to decide to write it down. It is a request of the Most Holy Virgin she told me:

B.V.- "At the prayer with which you honour Me, the "Ave Maria", add this prayer and in the following manner:

Hail, Mary, full of graces...
Pray for us sinners,
"Flood the whole humanity with the blessings of
your Flame of Love,
now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

The new Ave Maria it's so:

Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
"And Flood the whole humanity with the blessings of
your Flame of Love",
and at the hour of death.

The Most Holy Virgin said:

-B.V.- "I don’t want to change the prayer with which you honour Me (the Ave Maria); I rather want, with this request, to shake the whole humanity. This is not a new formula of prayer, it must be a constant request, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, at any time of the day, there is no time for the salvation of souls.
Please, my sons, help me to save souls, through this prayer.
It must be a constant beg, at any time of the day".

(NOTE) The competent Bishop asked Elizabeth: "Why would we have to recite the very old "Ave Maria" in a different manner?
On february 2nd, 1982, the Lord Jesus answered thus:

J.C.- "It is exclusively due to the efficient demands of the Most Holy Virgin that the Most Holy Trinity gave the effusion of the Flame of Love. Through Her, ask in the prayer with which you hail my Mother Most Holy:


So that by its action, humanity be converted ".

The Ave Maria is the salutation of the Angel Gabriel (first part) and also the greeting of the whole Church (second part) to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
It is a prayer of love, trusting and petition to the Mother of God and our Mother, that through the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, will save the world from the clutches of Satan. The devil will be blinded by the effect of the grace of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, saving millions of souls from eternal damnation of Hell.


The way of the Lord, by which He leads us, never ends; it is us who turn aside from Him. I also deviated from God. The numerous preoccupations, the dissipating working, together with my situation of widowed woman, broke down my spiritual meditation.
And bit by bit, I deviated from God.
The unceasing struggle for life gave occupation to my mind. At the end of a long fight, my spiritual life had become so darkened that even the vigour of my faith was unsettled. That unceasing struggle for life made me ask myself:
"You see, I always told you. Why have a big family?" While I was for ever coming back over these ideas, all that was sacred for me in the past, and did give a sense to my life, seemed to me silly things, empty words.
One sacked me from a job, and I had to go searching for another job elsewhere. Then, misery did come even more severe, and more outrageous the temptation.
The Evil One molested me unceasingly, satan said inside me: -

Satan:- "Why do you tell stories to yourself? You know very well that you should have already give up the fight a long time ago, but you don’t know what to say to your children. You don’t know how to tell them that even you don’t believe anymore in all that.…Come on! Throw off your mask, at last. You will see how much better you will feel. After all, your children will succeed to find out what you are trying to keep back from them at this very moment... ".

Then, I stopped short, and for a moment appeared to me the face of God, in a very severe manner. It is in such a manner that began in me a great fight. I implored God. Something beyond description; I don’t find words to express the spiritual fight that began in me. The battle was long, frightful; it got on my nerves.

Coming back home, I don’t know myself how the little Psalm-book of the Most Holy Virgin fell in my hands. I opened it and began to pray. This prayer that, in the past, always came up from my heart to God, now looked to me a futile babble... I took in my hands my old book of meditation, but vainly I was striving: an obscure silence, cold and dumb, wrapped me on all sides. I burst into tears:
"God wants to know nothing of me"

One week, when my shift at the mill began on the morning, and the next week, when it began in the afternoon and ended very late in the evening, I became filled with an extreme inner anguish. Such thoughts arose in me that to disclose them would be to blaspheme against God. In the middle of this great fight, the Evil One made me hear in my heart some horrible words:
Satan :-"That’s why I allowed that, to get it into your head that it is useless to fight still more"

The terrible struggle went on for about three years until one day my daughter C. told me. "Mom, hurry up, today, at two o’clock this afternoon, it will be the funeral of Dr B." It was already one o’clock in the afternoon. It gave me such a shock in my heart. Without thinking any more, I put my things on so as not to be late. Entering the room of the mortuary vigil, I burst into tears. I was thinking: "He is well now. He has been a true carmelite friar [of the third order], of a holy and exemplary life... But me?....Will I make my way there?

"Don’t cry" – It was his voice, pleasant and soft as only the blessed souls can utter -. "Go back to the Carmel!". The day after was Sunday, July 16th, feast of Our Lady of the Carmel, patron saint of our church. I came soon in the morning and stayed till nightfall. I had quite a lot of difficulties in rising from my seat to go to confess my sins. A terrible unfeelingness was eating my heart out. I didn’t feel any regret in my heart. The penance, I said it quite mechanically whereas I thought:
all these people are praising our Most Holy Mother; but the idea did not come to my mind that I was also praising her. I was only thinking of brother B, because it gave some comfort to my soul. He induced me to go to the Most Holy Virgin: "Go and bow before Her!" That is what I did…but I didn’t find peace.

It was pretty dark already when I came home. There, a very strange sensation gripped me, as if I had left my soul ravaged and used at the Carmel. Even if that day I had not taken even only one mouthful, with a lot of difficulties I began to make away with my hunger. The Evil One again took up a position close to me and said: -"You silly ass! What is the good of all that to you? Do take a rest! Don’t attach importance to these things".

Broken hearted, I went out into the garden where, in the silence of the night, I began to shed tears copiously. By starlight, before the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes I had in our garden, I began to pray with great fervour. The next morning, I went hastily to the little chapel I attended in times past, when I was yet myself a young mother, and where I found myself so often at the table of the Lord with Brother B. Again today, it was the liking I had taken for Him that led me there. On the way, I found myself with a few old acquaintances who remembered me as an examplary young mother. It made me uneasy because I believed that the Evil One now wanted to tempt me by vainglory. I implored with all my heart:
"Heavenly Mother, never never I want to be unfaithful to you! Don’t abandon me!
Hold me tight! I am afraid of myself! My footsteps are so unsteady"

During the holy mass, I prayed unceasingly the Lord Jesus: "Lord, forgive me my sins". I didn’t dare to come near the Lord’s Table, even if the person sitting by my side took my arm more than one time: "Do let’s go!".


During those days, I received these extraordinary graces the Lord gives only to those who are weak and convalescent. A nun that was kneeling by my side said to me: "I am going down on my knees by your side in order to become a saint too". Oh, I knew she was seeing and feeling the Lord Jesus in me.

Some times I walked unceasingly, with my eyes suffused with tears. The love I felt for the Lord Jesus suffused my eyes with tears of repentance. I wanted not to see people anymore, I was only looking for some silence to be able to hear unceasingly the voice of the Lord. Because from that moment, He spoke to me... Oh, these quiet conversations are so simple...!


I implored Him to let me immerse myself in the sea of his graces. I fervently asked for these graces for my dear children too, for Him to attract them to Him. He promised me that, if I asked for it steadfastly and with doggedness of purpose, He should grant it to me. When I was adoring Him, submerged in a profound devotion, the Evil One talked to me in this way: -" You believe that He can do that ? If He had that power, He would do it because He would find it very amusing".

What a terrible slap! I became sad at heart... Then became visible the Holy Face of the Lord, before my spiritual eyes, and He spoke in this way:

JC.-"Look at my Face distorted and my Sacred Body tortured! Have I not suffered to save souls? Believe in Me and adore Me!"

At this moment, I made acts of faith, hope and charity, and I implored Him never to allow me to separate from Him, to chain me up solidly to his sacred Feet, so that I should remain in this manner always united to Him. So I would feel myself secure. He, for his part, asked me to deny myself, seeing that I am very inattentive and a society woman.

JC.- "I don’t force you, your will is free. Only if you want it !"

With a mighty effort, I applied myself to do it. Afterwards, everything around me lined up in order in such a manner that I was led always nearer Him, because He kept urging me.

JC.- "I would like to give you great graces; that is why, deny yourself completely!" They were important, these words, for my understanding. That is why I asked Him: Shall I be able to do that?

JC.- "You, you have only to will; what remains, entrust Me with that."


J.C.- "Deny yourself completely!"
Then, I distributed all what I had between my children so that nothing should make me cling to this world. Later on, I had the feeling to have done what was necessary.
I had even not a chair left where I could rest my head in complete peace of mind.
The voice of the Lord kept urging me:

J.C.- "Deny yourself!"

All became dark and sad all around me. Now, what can I do with my life?. And the Evil One came with a large smile: Satan said to me: "Don’t lose heart, you are not so old yet, take a rest, smarten yourself up, have a good time, and if you have the occasion, get married!....this is not at all shameful. Then, you will have again your home and you will belong to somebody. You may keep your conscience quiet, you have done your duty as a mother".

The blood rushed to my face, because it is true that I felt all alone… The next morning, I bowed before the Lord’s altar: "Lord, You know, don’t You, that I chained myself up to your Sacred Feet and I don’t want You to take me away from there?".
I asked Him : Lord, why did You let me alone?

J.C.- "For the good of your soul. I too, for long hours I struggled alone in my agony. And to you, even this little sacrifice looks difficult? Accept all what will happen to you again."

On this wonderful Sunday, a large crowd of people emptied the Sanctuary Mariaremete (Hermitage of Mary) and the devout faithful visited our church dedicated to the Holy Spirit. I was kneeling among the crowd. And after a brief worship, I said to the Lord : My Jesus, here I am. I got totally free from the world as You wished.
So that absolutely nothing can interpose between both of us. Am I agreeable to You thus? Oh, my God, what a poor wretch I am! How it costs me to make that renunciation! You know how humiliating it is to live thus? The voice of the Lord arose in me:

JC.- "You have to live in this manner from this day forward, in the greatest humiliation!".

Listening these words, my soul came deep in his eternal thought. I asked Him: Now, that’s it, You accept me? The Lord did not answer me. There was only a deep silence in my soul.


-B.V.- "My dear little carmelite!" Hearing it, a profound repentance came over my soul. Later on, I heard twice again this sweet voice, and in the meantime, came to my eyes some tears of affliction and sorrow for my sins.
Not long after, the Most Holy Virgin began to speak again in my heart as if she refrained from crying, then she said:

-B.V.- "Adore and atone for my Holy Son so often offended!"

I remained pensive: This cannot come from the Evil One, because he doesn’t say: adore and atone... Later on, a little embarrassment happened in my soul : how can I do that ? I remained a little more in the church. I wasn’t praying, I just wanted to put my thoughts in order. But a strange halflight clouded my mind.
On my way home, I asked the Most Holy Virgin: Heavenly Mother, if You are asking me that, then direct my ways to your Most Holy Son.
Even the next day, I could not free myself from that thought. During the holy mass I implored fervently: "Heavenly Mother, how and what do I have to do? You will be at my side, will you not? I am so little and so weak without You!

The holy mass ended, I felt a strong desire to ask for the key of the house of the Lord to be able to get in freely. I called on the nun sacristan with my request. I described the situation at home.
Entering by the lateral door, I stopped before the altar of the Most Holy Virgin, patron saint of the Hungarian people. I bowed before Her: Hail Mary, gentle Mother! I beg you humbly, keep me under your special protection, commend me to your Most Holy Son! I am your unfaithful little carmelite, Mother, I am using the very words you used to speak to me.
I know that I am not worthy to be called in a like manner. Even if I lived for centuries, I could not deserve it, not even far from it. Come, Mother, now guide me to your Most Holy Son!"


As I was alone in the immense church, I bowed myself at the feet of the Lord as never before, and I asked Him:

J.C. -Regrettably, we are only you and me?

"Alas!" I heard his sad voice in the bottom of my heart.

JC.- "See to it that we become many"

There was no words to express the gratitude and searchings of the heart that dropped out of my soul towards the Lord.

Oh, gentle Saviour! Nobody knows better than You how much I went forward warily until, by your graces, reaching to You. Lord, now that You have taken away the external carapace of my soul, I am feeling that the abundance of your Grace is suffusing me.
Oh, my Jesus! Take out the large faults of my soul with a snip of the scissors. I don’t mind that it hurts me, so long as the day when I will have to present myself before You at the hour of my death, You can recognize in me the work of your holy Hands.

Beloved Jesus, I want so much to regret my sins, as never did any repentant sinner, and to love You as no converted sinner ever loved You.
Beloved Jesus, with profund humility I implore You that in the future not a single day of my life be spent without tears of repentance shed from my eyes because of my gratitude and love for You.
Humble me, Lord Jesus, at each moment of my life, so that I feel unceasingly to what extent I am poor and wretched.

Oh, Lord Jesus, my heart gave a jump when the thought occurred to me that already here in the world, I can live with You, but that after my death, for a short time I will have to separate me from You because of my sins. Tell me, beloved Jesus, what will happen with my countless sins?

An unthinkable anxiety gripped me. How I implored the Lord! Then He made me feel that my sins should be lost in his merciful love. Who knows until when I should have stayed there, without paying attention to me and bowed at the feet of the Lord, if the nun sacristan had not given me notice that the door is closed at seven thirty.
At this very moment, I did not have the key. I could not separate myself from the Lord Jesus, and I asked Him to come with me. I went home by a longer road, by the silent streets. I felt that the Lord was coming with me. We said not a single word. I would have liked to bow myself in the dust of the street, so much I felt his presence.

From the time He gave me such a large home, I visited Him every night with humbled and repentant heart, - moved by gratitude – and in accordance with the desire of the Most Holy Virgin, I worshiped Him and made amends to Him. What gladness I feel when going towards Him! He is always there, waiting for me.
I don’t try to describe these intimate hours, because it should be impossible to do it. The year 1961 went by in the very middle of these conversations, that at this very moment I did not set down in writing.

I began to write only when the Lord gave me the order. When the beloved Saviour gets into a brief conversation with me, I write it word for word. During Holy Hours, it often happens that the ideas come directly in my subconscience, and after I feel unable to express it. In one occasion, I thanked Him to have assured me of an eternal refuge.

J.C.-"Assure me, you too, my little carmelite, an eternal refuge! You feel, don’t you, how much both of us belong one another? May your love never grow less!"

One time, He asked me to do each Monday an evening of prayers in favour of sacerdotal souls who are in Purgatory. Another day, I went to visit the house of a few people I know, where they had a chapel. My visit ended, I did not enter in the chapel to give Him my greetings. Speaking in a gentle tone, He reproached me with my innumerable untactful acts towards Him.

I said to Him: "I beg your pardon, beloved Jesus. Did I not ask You to cure my soul of my bad traits? "He answered to me with a peaceful voice:

J.C.- "My little one, you have to love Me day and night!" One certain moment, I asked Him to let me feel his presence full of Majesty and Goodness.

J.C.- "Don’t ask Me that for yourself, my little one. I give it to the one for whom you made a sacrifice or to those for whom you offered your prayers".

I beg your pardon, my Jesus,...You see what a selfish person I am!

J.C.- "I know your imperfection and destitution, Daughter. But that doesn’t have to diminish your perseverance in the future, because it is one reason more for you to count on my love with a greater confidence".


Between March 4th and 7th, 1962. I don’t know what happened in the country. These days, almost every five minutes, the Lord induced me to kneel and make amends to Him. Also, in the first week of March, happened what I will narrate.
I was seeing to the household duties, continously submerged in Him, and implored Him to let me participate in the greatest measure possible in his Work of Salvation. Then the Lord began to speak to me in the bottom of my heart:

J.C.- "Ask for graces in abundance! The more you are going to ask for, the more you are going to receive! Ask for others too! Don’t be afraid to ask too much!
I am happy when I can give more! Your sighs only make Me already happy! And what will I say if you accept faithfully the sacrifices I ask you for my cause! Many are those who ask Me repeatedly to be able to participate in my Work, but when they have to accept one sacrifice I offer them to accept from my own Hands, they are afraid of Me...

Never let Me without your sufferings, and help toward the conversion of sinners! If you do that, you will receive a great reward. A time will come when you will hear my Voice not only in the bottom of your heart, but high and loud, and it will bless you.
Daughter, you have to suffer very much. I will not give you any consolation that make you cling to the earth. I will always shed on you my fortifying grace, and the force of the Holy Spirit will be with you.
You have to relieve yourself of all in you that inclines to harm, and live in all according to my convenience. I help you to go on the right road. Submerge yourself only in my teaching!"
In spite of all my efforts, Lord, I note not any progress in me.

J.C.-"About that, don’t worry! Do it again every day! Our Mother will help you. Ask for everything to Her! She knows how you can oblige Me".

At this time, the Lord Jesus asked me many times:

J.C.- "My daughter, deny yourself ! I ask that of you with such insistence because you cannot participate in my Work of Redemption except if totally, without any interruption, you live united to Me at every moment...
Offer that to my Father at all times, without any interruption, also for those who gave Me their life and nevertheless live more for the world than for my Work of Redemption. They don’t think of their vocation. Do penance for your sins and on the same occasion for them too.

How I would like to wash them of their sins! May they come to Me! Don’t spare yourself any fatigue, my little one. Accept no limit at all! Never separate yourself, even for only one instant, from my Work of Salvation, because, if you do, I should feel that your love for Me grows less. With such eagerness I want your love! May You always feel what I feel !.... "

The Lord made me come into contact with a person I had not seen for fifteen years, and that moreover I had met only three times in my whole life. The Lord Jesus instiled into me a great trust in her (for I am by nature very coy). I spoke to her of the state of my soul, and how I found myself once again in a dark obscurity.

After the conversation that took place in the chapel, the Sister (for she was a nun) told me: "It can be some autosuggestion!" It hurted me badly. Some terrible thoughts assailled me. The lack of faith confused all my lucidity. It seemed to me that all that was taking place in me was pure empty dreams; or maybe the Evil One, got up as an angel of light, wanted to disturb my soul’s peace so dearly won.


JC.-"Abandon yourself completely to Me, my little carmelite [of the Third order], it is only in a like manner that you can make sacrifices for Me. I am asking you something great. Listen! Have no fear! Be very humble and unimportant, it is only thus you will be in a position to carry out my mission.
Every Thursday and Friday, do fast on bread and water; offer it for twelve priests. In each of these days, spend four hours in my divine Presence, and atone for the numerous offenses I received. On Friday, from noon until three o’clock in the afternoon, adore my Sacred Body and my Precious Blood that I shed for the sins of the whole world. The fast on Friday, keep it until the hour when my Sacred Body was descended from the Cross.
The acceptance of this sacrifice brings on some extraordinary graces.

Do what I am asking you, my little one!" He begged me so much!

J.C.- "Bind yourself to that during twelve weeks for the twelve priests, the most gifted to carry out my plans. I want to make them worthy of it by special graces. Do that, my little one! In so doing, you too will be the favourite of my Heart. You will know who will be the person to forward my request to the twelve priests. These will have to do the same thing that I have asked you, that is to say: atonement and to submerge themselves in my Sacred Passion. My little one, these twelve sacerdotal souls are the best in the country".
He asked me to do that for twelve weeks, me and these twelve priests to whom will come his message.

J.C.-"I will let you suffer, daughter, in a state of great spiritual unfeelingness. Various temptations are going to torment you, but have no fear, my Grace will be unceasingly with you. Have absolute confidence in Me. That is the key of my Heart! Leave your doubts! The Holy Spirit you invoke so often will take possession of your soul throught Our Mother, his favourite.

I know that, with Me, you are thirsty for the souls. My Heart is so delighted when you implore Me and tell Me that you are thirsty for Me with an unquenchable thirst. I am feeling the same thing for you and all the souls that I gratified with my Graces. May you feel the consuming thirst in my Soul!

I truly beg your love. Please, Daughter, at least you, don’t leave Me! With each heartbeat, repent your sins, offer Me atonement and console Me. If your love should diminish, turn towards our Heavenly Mother, she will fill your heart with an overflowing love for Me. I am obliged to you because your heart is suffering with Me, beating in Me. Don’t succumb to tiredness in the comtemplation of my Holy Wounds, from which you will always derive a great force.

Commend yourself to the Eternal Father and live with the Holy Trinity! (Let us not forget that even if these words are written in the singular, they are meant for all of us) In the middle of temptations, take refuge under the mantle of our Mother. She will stand up for you against the Evil One who will unceasingly make trouble for you. For my part, I will be with you if you persevere by my side.
You, nothing or nobody will never be able to separate you from Me...

Don’t be afraid, my little one; you, live only hidden in great humility. Nobody has to know anything about you, except a few people. You will win merits by your suffering, offer it in union with Me to the Eternal Father for the souls consecrated to Me. May your humility be so great that it irradiates goodness and love on all those you keep company with.
We will always be together, my little one. Keep asking Our Mother to keep you hidden in humility. Learn to speak with each of your near relations in such a manner that, by your words, you should lead them to Me. To Me, you have to ask for love, from Me you have to draw love!

The sacrifices, you have to do them without flinching because they are necessary to attain the end. The Eternal Father knows with what character He created you. He knows that you are violent, irritable, but you have to change according to my Heart... In the future, you cannot use violence except against the bad, but do not loose heart! Look at Heaven with confidence, towards Me, and ask for graces in abundance. Among your family, be a living sacrifice. Specially the insignificant little sacrifices, you have to do them.
Come to Me because I am in pain when forsaken! Don’t worry if you can only do small things; it is not very suitable for you. Remain very little. Diffuse yourself in Me like the drop of water in the wine".


J.C.- "Again and always I tell you, my little one, you must change and become as I want you to be. I help you to follow the right way, but you have to assimilate my teaching well, and you have to carry out, with all your might, the tasks I give you. Go to my Mother, She always will help you!"

I love Her very much, Lord. She is the one who raised within me the desire to adore her Most Holy Son and to make atonement to Him. Oh, how bowled over my heart was when I heard her voice! Oh, what a deep repentance her voice, stiffled with tears, aroused inside of me!

J.C.- "Yes, my little one, it was the first encounter, the great step, when my Mother recommended you specially to Me. Since then, my little one, you are flying towards Me like an arrow. In your flight, don’t return and look at the earth, to avoid being disturbed by the noise of the world.


JC.- "Daughter, do your utmost with all your might to lead sinners toward Me. That apart, don’t give place to any other concern. Look unceasingly in my eyes to see my sadness for souls. With all the might of your heart, wish that my consecrated souls should not look away from Me and not to distract themselves in the things of the world but to look only upon Me.
Wish that they welcome the look in my eyes and immerse themselves in Me. If they look Me in the eyes with repentant heart, through the ray of my grace I will make them grow better. Immersing them in the love of my Heart, I will make them to be born again, so long as they put absolute trust in Me.

I irradiate my love towards you, Daughter, because you gave refuge to Me, and I may rest in your heart. Accept that as a great honour for you, considering that by this means, you do honour to Me. Never deprive Me of this refuge! It lies only upon you. My Love has gone to the extreme; you know all what I take great pleasure to hear when you say, bowed down before Me, that you want to repent for your sins, like no other sinner has ever repented, and to love Me more than all other repented sinners.
Through these burning desires, which are yours, my little carmelite, you got entirely in my Heart. Your simple words have prompted my merciful Heart to a boundless commiseration. You see, no special training is necessary for that! What joy also your profound and sincere repentance has given to the Heavenly Father! Act this way every moment of your life. Do all that lies upon you, Daughter, with an untiring stubbornness to save souls!

May this stubbornness be your school. The Holy Spirit will be at work within you to combat your nature inclined to evil, for your salvation. You do know, don’t you, that my kingdom suffers violence? May your constant falls not discourage you. They will preserve your humility... think of that often until you have made it entirely yours, because today is the very day of our special union, when I gratify you with graces, to reinforce you in a special manner.


One day, The Lord Jesus told me:

J.C.- "Daughter, I will now give you the assignment of your days. I began to speak of that to you once, you will remember; but I wanted to add more items in your program, that is why I postponed it until today.
Come, if you have some time. If you have plenty of it, tell Me, the will is yours. I respect entirely your will; you praise Me when you abandon it to Me spontaneously".


Let each of your actions be done with the purpose of helping the souls in Purgatory. United to Me, ask for the souls in Purgatory to be able to see my Face as soon as possible. The severe fast and the prayer during a part of the night, offer them for these souls!

The severe fast I am now asking you, and the prayer by night, I don’t make that request to you alone. You will make public these demands with these other messages of my Heart: "Whoever will fast on Monday with bread and water will every time deliver the soul of a priest from the place of suffering".

The one who follows that prescription, he too will receive the grace to be delivered from the Purgatory during the octave following his death. Our Mother herself is asking for that. Appealing to her Flame of Love, she obliges Me to that.


Make spiritual communions for each member of your family, recommend them one by one to our dear Mother. She will take them under her protection. The prayer vigil of tonight, you will offer it also for them.

I said to Jesus: Lord, I have the habit to sleep deeply. What will happen if I cannot wake up to do the prayer vigil?

J.C. -"I will help you in that also. If something is difficult to you, trustingly say it to our Mother. She also spent numerous late nights praying. You know, Daughter, you have to be very responsible to your family. You have to lead them to Me, each according to his particular manner of being. Ask unceasingly my Graces for them. We are going to work together. (i.e. to suffer together) I cannot do without your help.
Your Most worthy Patron is Saint Joseph. Don’t forget him! Invoque him too, every day ! He will help you with delight. And in this manner our cause will be won".

Note from the editor: Assuming that he is dead in the grace of God. (In a conversation, Elizabeth said this: "In the Diary, in different passages where one speaks of the liberation of souls, each time it would have been necessary to write: if they died in the grace of God. As I then considered that clearly evident, it seemed to me unnecessary to express it").


Ask Me many young men, ardent at heart. You will obtain satisfaction inasmuch as you ask, for there is this desire in many young hearts, it is only that they don’t meet somebody to help them to realize it. Be not fainthearted! Throught nightly prayers, you can also obtain for them graces in abundance.


Sacrament of the Altar. On this day, you will spend hours before my Holy presence. Adore Me with a particularly great reverence, and atone Me for numerous offenses that were inflicted on Me.
The severe fast, offer it for the twelve sacerdotal souls. The nightly prayer too, offer it for them. Throw yourself in my painful agony, in my sufferings as I was sweating blood! You will draw great spiritual fortitude from it.


With all the love of your heart, throw yourself in my painful suffering! Waking up in the morning, remember what was waiting for Me the whole day, after the terrible tortures of the night. While you are working, meditate to the end on my way of the Cross, where I could not find one moment of respite.

Exhausted in the extreme, they compelled Me to climb the Mount Calvary. You have a lot to meditate. I really got to the breaking point. That is why I tell you: you cannot fall in excesses when you are doing something for Me.
From noon until three, adore my Holy Wounds. Fast if possible until my deposition, when my Sacred Body was descended from the Cross. On that day, offer the prayer vigil for the twelve priests. If you accept to sacrifice yourself, Daughter, you will receive a fullness of blessings larger again.


On that day, venerate our mother in a special manner, with a very particular tenderness. You know well she is the Mother of all graces and She has Power from Heaven. Wish that she were venerated on earth as she is in Heaven by the multitude of saints and angels.
Pray that the dying priests may be granted the grace of a good death. Offer every instant of the day to this intention. You know what great reward you will receive for that! In Heaven, the souls of these priests will intercede for you, and the Most Holy Virgin also will be waiting for your soul at the hour of your death.

The night vigil of prayers, offer it for that intention.

For that day, the beloved Saviour Jesus did not establish any program. (These conversations took place roughly in the month of July, but I do not remember exactly what day.


In 1962, Good Friday occurred on April 13th. This Friday as well, according to the wish of the Lord Jesus, I adored Him and atoned, from noon till three. I asked the Most Holy Virgin to engrave in my heart the Holy Wounds of her Divine Son; and I entreated her to always have more compassion on us. My tears began to come in abundance.

While all that happened to me, I felt in the bottom of my heart the unspeakable grief and sobs of the Mother of Sorrows. With her sobs, she touched my heart.


She told me sobbing: B.V.- "There are so many sins in the country, my little carmelite. Help Me, let’s save it! I commit a burst of rays into your hands, it is the Flame of Love of my Heart. To the Flame of Love of my Heart, add your love and pass it to others, my little one!"

Oh Mother, why don’t you do miracles to make people believe in You, as you did at Fatima?

B.V.- "My little one, the more the miracles were great, the less they believed in Me. Listen, I asked for the first Saturdays, and everybody ignored it.
I am your gentle and comprehensive Mother, and united to you, I am going to save you. The king saint Stephen consecrated his country to me, and I promised him to welcome in my Heart his intercession and that of the saints of Hungary.

I would like to commit in your hands a new instrument. I am asking you urgently to accept it, discerning its importance, for my heart is very afflicted as I contemplate my country. The twelve priests, that my Divine Son elected, will be the worthiest to carry out my petition.
Take this Flame, my daughter, you are the first to whom I commit it. This is the Flame of Love of my Heart. Light your heart with it and pass it to others!"

The Blessed Virgin sobbed so much that I hardly heard what she was saying. I asked her what I had to do. In the name of the whole country, I promised her everything, only to alleviate her sorrow, because my heart also came near bursting out.


B.V.- "With this Flame full of graces that I give you from my Heart, light all hearts in the whole Hungary, passing it from one heart to another. That is the miracle which, turning into fire, by its flashing light will blind Satan.
There is the fire of love of intimate union that I obtained from the Heavenly Father through the merits of the Wounds of my Divine Son.
Hearing that, I began to make up excuses, insisting : I am not worthy of it... You are committing to me your cause, but how could I pass it on? And I made up excuses again... After a few days, the Blessed Virgin promised to help me efficaciously with her maternal love to do the sacrifices asked for by her Son.

B.V.- "I will be with you, my little carmelite. I hug you".
Heavenly Mother, Blessed Virgin Mary, I wanted to ask you something. She already knew my question and answered me:

B.V.- "Bring to Father E. the demand of my Divine Son."

The Blessed Virgin named him her beloved son in my presence…While she was speaking, I understood, through a marvelous grace from her part, to what point the will of the Most Holy Virgin is united to that of the Eternal Father, her Divine Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Most Holy Virgin promised to be with us so that the small Flame will be propagated like wildfire.


April 15th, 1962.
B.V.- "My little carmelite, I invite those who live in the house of the Carmelite fathers... All of them carry out with great dedication and love a missionary work on the scale of the whole country. Let they be the first to receive the Flame of Love to propagate it. Their mission is sublime and moving. Do not be embarrassed, my little one, start on your way as quickly as possible!

My Flame of Love is going to ignite in the Carmel. They are those who do honour to me the most, or rather, they are the most called to honor Me. Bring two candles, at first light your small candle and with its flame, light the other.
Then, pass it to my beloved son (a Carmelite father). He is going to propagate it among my twelve most worthy devotees".
After that, I asked to the Blessed Virgin if the twelve priests would all be Carmelite Fathers. She answered me with a "no".

B.V.- "I will be with you and inundate you with very special graces. Once the twelve priests will join together, begin simultaneously this devotion, in twelve churches consecrated to Me. Give to you, one to another, the lighted candle that you will have received in this celebration, bring it home and begin the family prayer by this same rite. If your fervour doesn’t die down, I will be consoled."


Request to the priests: April 17th, 1962.

The beloved Saviour told me many things. He asked not to abandon the struggle in this spiritual fight, for the unceasing fight augments the grace:

J.C.- "Ask my sons (the priests) to send souls to my beloved Mother and never to make a homily without exhorting the faithful to have a profound devotion to Her.
We are the country of the Great Lady of the Hungarian people. Let them hold out that unceasingly to the faithful since such is the desire of our Great Lady.
And you, daughter, with all the fervour of your soul and the sacrifices of your life, long earnestly and unceasingly for the coming of my Kingdom, and desire that the Flame of Love of my beloved Mother kindle and spread through the sparks of love."

April 30th, 1962.
The Blessed Virgin encouraged me again:

B.V. - "Say to those concerned by that, not to be afraid and to trust Me. Under my maternal mantle, I will myself protect them. Let the eight sanctuaries most visited in the country, and also four churches of the capital dedicated to Me, begin simultaneously this devotion : The delivery of my Flame of Love.
Wish ardently to make sacrifices, my little carmelite. Keep burning unceasingly the Flame of my Love by your sufferings".


J C.- "I have to tell you that recently I called many souls specially to follow Me, but only very few understand what it is that I await from them. Add them unceasingly in your prayers, and sacrifíce yourself for them, so that the army of atoning souls, I try to raise thus, will counterbalance my just anger.

My beloved Mother implores Me. She is the one who up to now has restrained my just anger. Her Flame of Love obliges Me also!"


I remained in a devout silence. I vainly tried to pray, I was unable to do it. The Devil began instead to torture my soul. I did absolutely not succeed to free my mind of his influence. First he aroused in me a great fear. It was such a terrible feeling, as if he would have wanted to take possession of me, but something prevented him from doing that.
For one moment, I remained kneeling there, with my mind confused. I thought that, before the Evil One takes possession of me, I should run into the presence of the priest asking him to pray for me. I saw Father E who was crossing the church and going out, but I was too exhausted to follow him. After Father’s leaving, I could not do the least movement; the thought I was possessed unceasingly wrung me, and therefore I had nothing to do in the church.

The Evil One ordered me out the church, but I remained there a long time again. In this incident, I didn’t know how I could free myself of the Evil One. Going out of the church, the Evil One came with me, and in an entirely human shape he began to speak to me: Go back in your family! Do not attempt to distinguish yourself from others! Don’t you see that what you are doing is exhausting you, and you are wasting your life? Your whole life has been a struggle, it is time now for you to take it easy! Life is so short! Why to overstrain yourself in this manner? Your silly thoughts, why do you want to pass them to others? Don’t believe that you will attract the eyes of the people on you!.

You would feel flattered by that, would you not? Take your time to reflect, and you will see that I am right. And when you realize it, it is you who will thank me for having set you free from such a calamity.
I was glad, when reaching the door of my home, my grandchildren were waiting for me and they had a good time paying me little compliments. That put an end to the troubles of the Evil One.


B.V.- "In the feast of the Candlemas, my beloved children will introduce in a procession the Flame of Love of my Heart, so that in this manner it will become burning fire in the hearts and souls. Let all be ready in such a way that it should go spreading like wildfire.
Let those souls I have chosen make everything ready for the great mission".
Mother, Our Lord Jesus-Christ promised that you were going to accredit me.
In the bottom of my heart, I heard the soft answer of the Blessed Virgin who fully rassured me:

B.V.- "Go and see my most beloved son (Father X). He is going to do everything as if he were myself, because it is he who will be my agent in my sanctuaries to accredit my Flame of Love. Have no fear, he is not going to be opposed nor refuse. As for you, live only in retirement and humility, and consume yourself in suffering!

I, Mother of Sorrows, am feeling as if, by each of your sufferings, you pour a healing balm on the Wounds of my Divine Son! You, be one of these souls who cannot live without suffering, for these souls, by their union to the sufferings of my Divine Son, feel more and more his presence near at hand. Wish with all the might of your heart that my Flame of Love take fire as soon as possible and blind Satan".

Today, it is again the Lord Jesus who speaks to me:

J.C.- "My little carmelite: the sacrifices I proposed to you lately, you accepted them. Maybe you will be surprised, but I have to thank you for that. Do you see to what your Master is condescending? But I am going farther again: unite your sufferings to make one only with mine. Your merits augment greatly because of that, and greatly make my Work of Salvation progress.

Keep in the bottom of your heart this immense grace that you received from Me.
It is a special gift of God. It is He who honours you, poor little soul. Can something be more sublime for you? Learn from Me! Because your are little and miserable: it is for that reason I have chosen you. My daughter, never be tired when it is all about suffering for Me. Apply yourself more again, with the help of my grace!"


B.V.- Stay in the position where you are, my little one, you will not be disrespectful to me. A mother can speak to her daughter at any time, in any place. Listen to me, please, do not relax in the time of the vigil...
There is an exercice very useful to the soul, it is its high-mindedness to God. Make all the necessary physical effort. I also stood by very much. In the family, it was I who kept awake during the nights when Infant Jesus was yet a little baby, for Joseph worked so much, doing what he could for us to be able to live poorly.

Do it, you too. Even in your holiday which is on Sunday, you will do vigils and attend as much holy masses as it will be possible for you! Offer them for the youth! Think of all these children that are led each year to my Divine Son! How many souls are lost because they cannot take root, whereas nobody gives attention to their spiritual progress. Let your soul be full of prayers of sacrifice also on your holidays. These days, offer them specially for these children. My Son Most Holy, even tired, let children come to Him.
That is why you too have to be never tired ! You know, it is He who asked you to participate continuously to his Work of Salvation.

And the gentle Redeemer implored me to recite with Him this prayer that expresses his most ardent desires:
Jesus: "Let our feet walk together,
Let our hands gather up united,
Let our hearts beat in harmony,
Let our interior feel the same thing,
Let the thought of our minds be one,
Let our ears listen to the silence together,
Let our glances possess one another profoundly
blending in one another,
and let our lips implore together
the ETERNAL FATHER to obtain mercy."

This prayer, I made it totally mine. He meditated it so many times with me, attesting that these are his eternal desires. He taught me this prayer in order that I should teach it to others. Make ours his eternal thoughts, his burning desires, with all our might and mind. This prayer, I made it totally mine. He meditated it so many times with me, attesting that these are his eternal desires.

He taught me this prayer in order that I should teach it to others. Make ours his eternal thoughts, his burning desires, with all our might and mind.
The Saviour, after having asked that, added again:

J.C.- "This prayer is an instrument in your hands, while your collaboration with Me thus will blind Satan in this way also, and because of his blindness the souls will not be induced to sin".


June 2, 1962. Saturday.
At the Holy Mass, there was exposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament. I took my book of prayers (the little Psalm-book). Then the gentle Saviour told me:

J.C.- "Keep your prayer book and let’s talk!"
A great emotion took possession of me because his words full of charity suffused my soul of graces. I spoke to the Most Holy Virgin:
-Come, Mother, help me to thank your Divine Son, because I can hardly support his Graces which come to me with an irresistible strength. I cannot pronounce even one word. How could I thank Him for that?

B.V.- "Answer my Divine Son with the profound repentance of your sins!"

These words of the Blessed Virgin induced me to a profound repentance of my heart. My eyes filled with tears. It is in this manner that the time passed until the moment of the Eucharist. On the harmonium, one intoned the sacred canticle: "In silent depth of the church..." It augmented more again the tenderness that I felt for Him. It is my favourite chant. For many months I didn’t hear it played, and now I am hearing it for the fourth consecutive day. It never moved me as much as today. Tears ran on my face. I couldn’t retain them, not even at the moment of receiving communion.

After having knelt down again to my place, I would have liked to express my gratitude with my union with Him. But He didn’t stop speaking. He began praising me up!

J.C.- "My truly little sister! How happy I feel to be able to enter in your heart, which tries to love Me with all its might".

And He suffused so much my soul (which was already bearing a few days of spiritual aridity) with his fecund graces, that I felt overburdened with the conscience of my misery. He kept on speaking to me:

J.C.- "It did please you, the hymn? I am the one who played it today on the harmonium. It is the hymn that pleases Us most. I wanted to be agreeable to you thus because you like so much the silent depth of the church, where I live".

On June 2nd, it was the gentle Saviour who woke me up for the nightly vigil with these words:


Let the one who will one day read these lines not take badly that once more I have to note that I am in tears. So much delicacy and attention from Him bring tears to my eyes. Then He told me:

J.C.- "As this also pleases you, from this day forward, when I will be the one who wakes you up, here is what will be the countersign: In the solitary night, I am looking for hearts".
From his words, I felt that his eternal thought is to look for hearts.


July 2nd, 1962.
Visiting the Most Blessed Sacrament in the afternoon of the feast of Our Lady of Snow, the Lord Jesus inundated me again with his laments.

J.C.- "Tomorrow, my little one, it is my Sacred Heart‘s Friday. How I would spread the abundance of my Graces in your souls! Ask very much, not only for you but for everybody!"

The Lord Jesus kept on:

J.C.- "Love Me even more, with more faithfulness, and don’t tire yourself out hearing my unceasing laments. I am complaining much, my little one, because they are so few the ones who listen to Me! I vainly complain to the souls consecrated to Me, they don’t enter in the very depth of their hearts to let Me make them hear my complaints also. And nevertheless, how I would need to speak with them about the way to promote the coming of my Kingdom!"


July 14th, 1962.

J.C.- "Remember what you spoke of with one of your acquaintances: the greatest happiness consists of making others happy. How much, but how much I would like making you happy, but you are looking for happiness in other things, and not where I am. You turn your back on my graces when it is precisely these graces which should make you happy. I repeat these words I said formerly: it hurts Me so much, but so much…


You see, my Jesus, how I am ! Saying that with my imploring voice, the Blessed Virgin with her mantle (scapular) covered my sad clothes saying:

B.V.- "My little one, there are many souls in a like situation in my country [Hungary]. But I, united to you, cover them with my maternal mantle, and I hide from the Eyes of my Holy Son their souls reduced to beggary, lest He grows sad because of you".
The Most Holy Virgin kept talking:

B.V.- "The last days brought to you much suffering, didn’t they? and many doubts about the usefulness of making so many sacrifices that you se persistently invent.
I was looking at you with satisfaction, but I didn’t want to console you immediately in the middle of your doubts, so that you could thus take more strenght from it, and make greater sacrifices again. I will obtain a great grace for you".
Saying that, she allowed me to feel in a marvelous manner the effects of grace of her Flame of Love, that were felt at this moment not only by me but also by all souls in the country. After that, she began again speaking:


B.V.- "Then Satan became blind, and for a few hours he ceased to dominate over souls. Above all, it is the sin of voluptuousness that makes so many victims. As Satan is in this moment helpless and blind, the evil spirits seem set and idle as if they were in lethargy. They don’t understand what is going on. Satan ceased to give them orders.
And as souls are liberating themselves from the domination of the Evil One, they take good resolutions contrary to indolence. When they wake up in the new day, the firm intent of conversion will have grown stronger in millions of souls".
As the Blessed Virgin was saying this, she allowed me to make an experiment of what was going on in souls under the effect of grace.


B.V.- "I pray the Holy Father to fix for you the feast of the Flame of Love on February the second, feast of Candlemas. I don’t want a special feast".


August 3th, 1962.
In the morning, there were again some family quarrels about home matter. It disheartened me so much! From noon till three, at Lord Jesus’s request, I had to go to adore and atone. I could hardly start on my way, my mind was become so unhinged. The family discord, which was beginning again, so upset my soul. The first hour of prayer, I passed trying to put my thoughts in order; I hardly succeeded in becoming calm.

My state of distraction left me disheartened so much so that I was unable to do even an oral prayer. I thought of the most forgotten sacerdotal souls in purgatory, and at this intention I wanted to offer the way of the cross too. Because of my great fatigue, I wanted to interrupt it many times.
But the Saviour spoke to me thus, sadly:
J.C.-"Neither did I abandon nor interrupt the way of sorrows. Come, let us move forward together both of us, so it will be easier for you and for Me! Shared affliction is half affliction. You know, with what difficulty I moved Myself too!
It is not without reason that they constrained Simon of Cyrene to help Me.
Now, you, help Me too!"
While I was beginning to immerse myself in Him, He spoke to me again:

J.C.- "I have pity for you, my little one, I see your great efforts, but don’t believe they are in vain! I bless abundantly your family, I liberate them from the Evil One, for he is the one who disturbs the peace of your family. Be confident only in Me!" Lord, so big is the family discord, that here only a miracle can help.

J.C.- "Perhaps you believe that I cannot make a miracle?" But Lord, I am not worthy of it.

J.C.- "Nevertheless, I will make a miracle, and your problem, which looks to you like it is impossible to settle, I bless it, so that all will be smoothed away".
Meanwhile, I implored the Blessed Virgin: lntercede with your Divine Son in favour of us! While I was ending my way of the cross, the Saviour promised me four times:

J.C.- "I will smooth away all difficulties, my little one. Our beloved Mother appealed again to her Flame of Love. I cannot deny her anything. She asked Me that to the one to whom she entrusted her Flame of Love, for that one (Elizabeth) to deny her nothing. She asked Me also to distribute my graces to whoever wishes that they be granted through Her".
I cannot describe what great graces and power and confidence He gave to me with his words..


August 6th, 1962.
In the morning, at communion or maybe a little before, the Lord inundated again my heart with his laments.

J.C.- "Not one soul I committed to my priests’ care should have to incur damnation. This word, damnation, causes a terrible sorrow to my Heart. I would suffer again the death on the Cross for each soul, even if I had to suffer a thousand times more, because there is no more hope for the damned.

Prevent it! With your desires, save souls! You know, there are three forms of baptism : baptism of water, blood and desire; in such a manner for the Salvation of souls, it is the same. From my Sacred-Heart, Blood and Water spurted on you, and also the mighty desire with which I did it for you.

Do you know what desire is? It is a marvelous and delicate instrument, within reach of even the weakest man, who can use it as a miraculous instrument to save souls. What matters is that he should unite his desire to my Precious Blood, which emanates from my Side. Increase your desires, my little one, with all your strength, because that saves many souls!"

Saying that it was an appalling sorrow for Him to loose souls, their damnation, the gentle Saviour allowed me to share this sorrow, and I felt in my heart such a sharp pain that it almost shook me. I will make all possible efforts, Lord Jesus, in order that the souls entrusted to me will not incur damnation.


J.C.- "You, elect souls, could know Me, and you know that my Patience and Kindness don’t have any limits, but you also know my Justice, which will make a decision on you: Go away from Me to the eternal fire! Your hands don’t gather together with Me, they only spread. Oh you, truly unfortunate, souls consecrated to Me!
Enter in yourselves, do convert yourselves to Me! There is yet time to do it. Don’t let apathy take possession of you. That is the root of all evil which gets in your hearts. At least you, as quickly as possible, get rid of this appalling sin driving to despair, and about which you turn a deaf ear.
Satan erects barricades in your souls in order not to let the divine Light enter. Without the invigorating brightness of this light, you suffer and torture yourselves under the dark burden of indolence".

"Come to Me, you who are worn out under the burden of indolence, and I will take it off your shoulders and relieve you! Only the reception of my Body can help you to go out of this darkness the Evil One so carefuly accumulated in you. If only you were committing yourselves to Me! Don’t you realize that I am walking behind you?
My numerous counsels, should they be fruitless? Understand that all these disordered things have their beginning in Satan, it is his work, and it lasts as far as I allow him to do so. I grasp your hands, do not snatch yourselves from my arms which hug you! Convert to Me and offer yourselves in sacrifice on the sacred Altar of contemplation and interior martyrdom!"

J.C.- "You want to see for yourselves that there is my will. This interior martyrdom, Satan cannot impede it. This struggle in the depths of hearts produces abundant fruits like a martyrdom supported for Me. Pray and stay awake, meet together two or three, and in such a manner undertake the fight against the Prince of Darkness, against his devastating strength. Do not stay idle! You are acting as if you had not in Heaven a Father who takes care of you. By your ardent desires, ignite the earth! By your sacrifices, burning with pure love, burn sin.

Don’t believe that it is impossible. Have only confidence in Me. This faith and confidence are going to give, to millions of souls, strength to persevere. Don’t be lacking in faith, my daughter! Associate yourself to souls consecrated to Me ! I called you too. And what you are doing, don’t do it impulsively, but let it be a firm and persevering acceptation of sacrifices, because it produces abundant fruits in souls".


August 8th, 1962.
Coming back, during the night, from the adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament, we were talking and walking, or to say better, He was speaking to me. I listened to Him very astonished.... It recalled me of my years as a young bride, this invocation that we added to the nightly prayer said in family:

"Gentle Jesus, let also sinners and pagans know You, and become converted and love You profoundly!"

J.C.- "By your yearnings in those days, how many souls you desired for Me, my little one. Do you know that I listened to them? And these souls, thanks to your desires, succeeded in knowing Me, many of them became converted and love Me profoundly. Do you know why I mention this, once again ? Because I am seeing your doubts troubling you continuously. To what use are your desires? To many things! However, increase them, and also your mortifications.

Again, my little carmelite, I have to mention an example drawn from your own life. Not long ago, you wanted, once your children had been educated, that I should give you enough time to prepare yourself to die well. You see, I realized also this, your desire. Then, keep well engraved in your heart that desire is a marvellous instrument which unites Heaven and earth. I wished to realize my Work of Salvation since the first moment of my human existence. An unceasing desire of Salvation of souls filled up my Heart.

Let this desire of souls burn also in you. Don’t be lacking in faith! You remember what I already said to you: If you need a mighty support, do say:
He will extend his mighty paternal Arm thus ; go and grab it well, and not only you but also all these souls I entrusted to you".


This same day, the Blessed Virgin spoke also to me:

B.V.- I am also asking you, my little carmelite, to increase unceasingly in you the desire for my Flame of Love!" You know what great pain I have because of my country. The families, yes, the Hungarian families are torn, and live as if their soul is not immortal. By my Flame of Love, I want to revive love once more in homes, I want to reunite dispersed families. Be as numerous as possible, because in this manner, many, many souls will unite to my Flame of Love.

Help me, as it is up to you that this Flame should light up at last! Let the Hungarian families pray heartily and fervently in order that we could thus hold back in a collective effort the Hand of Justice of My Divine Son"


August 16th, 1962.
Once again the Lord Jesus lamented:

J.C.- "You see, my little one: how nonchalantly many people consecrated to Me live their lives! In what idleness they lose their time, well at their ease! To Me also, they throw Me a few crumbs falling from the table, like a beggar.
And since how long am I supporting that! And until when? If the Heavenly Father’s Patience wears out, woe to you! There would be nobody to hold back his Hand of Justice. To you also, I will have to say: Move away from Me, accursed, because you did not defend the cause of my Kingdom, because you did not make the most of what I had called you for.

I walked so long behind you. How many times I reprimanded you! And you answered with a motion of the hand, offensive even to a beggar". (His word sounded sorrowful and sad in my heart). Again this same day, the Blessed Virgin treated precisely of that with me:

B.V.- "I give you the strength to undertake. In spite of very numerous ill-disposed objections and obstacles, my Cause will be realized. The sufferings I will send you: bodily sufferings, spiritual torments, and an extreme unfeelingness of the soul, accept them, because, in exchange, you will be protected from all sin. We will not let you separate yourself from us. Here you are at our Feet, and we are filling you up with innumerable graces. We are making use of your errors and misery to serve to the good of your soul.

These keep you constantly in great humility. Let humility be your entire preoccupation, because only a very humble soul can represent our Cause. Don’t be afraid! You are not suffering alone, but with me, with Us. You will have to suffer very much because of innumerable objections opposed to our holy Cause by people consecrated to God. We know that you accept it with love. We see your sufferings, exterior and interior, and that, for many months already, your thoughts are filled with my Flame of Love. You can see what a steadfast effort it demands".
Heavenly Mother! My feeble strength also subsists with you!
The Lord Jesus:

J.C.- "Be confident, my little one! The Plan of God, nobody can throw it into confusion. It is true that, for my Work of Salvation, I need your efforts from all of you also. I don’t want to lose anyone among you. Satan is undertaking against human beings a battle never seen before ".


On another occasion, the Lord instructed me in such a manner:

J.C.- "Remain silent, my little carmelite. Don’t be surprised if I so often say that to you. Do you know who is truly a wise man? The one who speaks little. True wisdom matures on the land of silence, and it is only in silence that it can take root.
It is why I am instructing you. I am your Master. It is by 30 years of silence that I prepared Myself for my three years of activities. Because I am your Master, united to Me, you too will find wisdom.

Speak only when I give you the signal, and you only have to speak as you learned from Me or as I would say it. In one word, imitate Me! You will see that these rare words will produce good fruits in abundance in souls".

August 20th, 1962.
What great silence reigned in my soul! The Lord didn’t inundate me immediately with his gentle words, but filled up my soul with his divine Presence, so that I felt it marvelously in my veins, in my bones. It penetrated and inundated my whole body, but only for a brief instant: feeling it, I began shaking. I had experienced it a few times already, including intermittently for weeks; but with such an intensity, never up to now. My body became almost a mere cipher, I felt only my soul full of the divine grace.


I went to the church for worship of atonement at three o’clock. Arriving before the altar, the Evil One began tempting me. He began disturbing my thoughts with his disgusting obscenities... Then in the silence of Holy Hours, he tried to come near me with his flatteries (Satan): How so uncommon I am.... How the life I lead is not worthy of a human being… He doesn’t want to do me any harm…

He only wants me to lead a normal life. People are going to look at me as a faddy religious bigot. What a silly ass I am, because neither my clothes, nor my nourishment, nor my pastimes, nor my way to deal with people, are like those of others. I was doing my utmost to submerge myself in the sufferings of the Lord Jesus.
The Evil One then became very furious. In his powerless rage, he shouted these words in the silence of my heart full of the wonderful presence of the Lord: -Satan:- I am waiting, that’s all! It made my heart shudder: Adorable Jesus, deliver me from the Evil One! Countless times, it happens to him to appear without a moment‘s warning and to threaten me, for he knows very well I am the one Jesus and Mary are making use of, to blind him, and that I am committing myself to their influences.

These frequent temptations greatly wear me out; I have to support terrible struggles because of the Flame of Love of the Most Holy Virgin. When I realize it and feel clearly it is because of the Flame of Love of the Blessed Virgin that I am suffering, then they become lighter. But the greatest suffering is when my soul finds itself in total darkness and the agonizing torment of doubts presses heavily on me.
This suffering, produced by interior qualms, assails me so much, that I am hardly left with enough strength to walk. The next day, the Evil One left me no more in peace with his tortures. Imploring the Lord to enlighten my understanding to see his Holy Will, the rage of Satan increased in such a measure, that I became panic-stricken. It was broad daylight and his terrifying presence, while I was kneeling before the altar, produced in me a frightful shaking.

He shouted against me these new thoughts: Satan:- You know, don’t you, that all that is pure imagination on your part? When a person has never been able to do anything good in her life, she tries to draw attention. Look at great artists, scientists, conquerors of technics, all that, man produced it by his own strength. You see, because you are unable to do these things, it gave rise to yours reflections, these silly fictions of your imagination. How terrible are these torments! Through the Elect of the Holy Spirit, I implored the Lord Jesus not to let me perish, however great a sinner I should be.

I don’t want to sin; how is it then that I have fallen into this terrible sin?
Cruel suffering, when I have to suffer because of my own pride. -Adorable Jesus, gentle Mother Most Holy, I offer You my whole misery, bring me relief from my sins! It is in great torment that I made the stations of the Cross, and at the end of the three hours of the Holy Hour, I went back to the altar and knelt: Adorable Jesus, I am very afraid !...
A terrible anguish kept on tormenting me. At least, the disturbed thoughts of my spirit began to calm down. A sweet tranquillity, coming from the Lord, light as a breath and appeasing, enveloped my soul, and He let me listen to his voice:

J.C.- "Do not be afraid ! I won’t let anybody to harm you. If he could, he should have crumbled you up and reduced you to dust, with his skaves. Be strong, the Holy Spirit will strengthen you."
Hearing this words, I received suddenly an interior enlightenment, and remembered all that the Blessed Virgin had told me a few days before:

B.V.- "Now we are leaving, my little carmelite, and side by side with Saint Joseph, you too have to wander through the dark foggy streets of Bethleem. Together with us, you must look for a shelter for my Flame of Love which is JESUS-CHRIST Himself.
Do you want to come with us? For it is now that we are leaving, to deliver my Flame of Love. Strength and graces, you will receive them from Us".

After that, I fell in such an anemic state that I almost had no strength to walk. I had a presentiment that the physical force, I had no more need of it; it was the strength of my soul which induced me to wander, side by side with the Blessed Virgin, through the dark streets of Bethleem, these paved streets. We look for a shelter but receive nothing but refusal from all sides.


One day, going before the Lord Jesus, I intended to stay with Him only a short moment, as I was very tired. I read my prayers and wanted to take leave of Him. He asked me:

J.C.- "Why are you in such a hurry? Is there for you something more important than Me ? Or maybe your knees are hurting you? Think of Me, when I also fell on my knees, nevertheless I didn’t abandon the way of the Cross. Stay again with Me! You don’t see how long I stay alone. Or maybe you don’t have anything more to say to Me?

That also is without importance! Listen to the silence, our hearts are beating together; let our eyes see through one another. Only tell Me that you love Me, you adore Me, instead of others too!
You know that you have to always harvest with Me. Now, here in this silence also you can harvest with Me. In the solitude of the night also, while you are adoring. I am teaching you so that you learn the manner and tell to others how to gather souls together. The will of the soul is already love. And love can do everything. You have only to will, willing with all your might.

Let our mind be always the same: to save souls from eternal damnation. Only thus you can alleviate my cruel sorrow. Let that not be boring for you. I have repeated it many a time and oft: Suffer with Me".
And during that time, He shared with me the precious sorrow of his Heart, as a precious pledge of his grace. On another occasion, He spoke to me thus:

J.C.- "You know how my Heart suffered because of damned souls! Let our hands gather in unison!" Lord, it is so small a matter what I can harvest!

J.C.- "Complete it by your desires, by your burning desires, my little one, and find shelter in Me in all confidence!"


September 28th, 1962.
Today, fast day, I offer it for souls in purgatory, specially for the sacerdotal souls. The Lord Jesus was saying that He cannot resist the prayer of the Blessed Virgin. He told me, engraving it deep into my subconscious:

J.C.- "As you are quenching that so great desire I have for souls, my little one, do you know how I will reward you? From now on, thanks to that fast you have kept after I had asked you, the soul of a dead priest, in the octave following his death, will be liberated from the fires of the purgatory. And whoever keeps that fast will obtain this grace in favour of a suffering soul.

(Note: If that one died in the grace of the Lord). All in tears, I was listening to his words full of Majesty and Mercy: we can help so efficently the souls suffering in purgatory. It wrung my heart when He gave me this new and great grace and, going out of the church after the holy mass to go home, He said, whispering in my heart:

J.C.- "I too am going with you, and I will stay with you the whole day: let our lips implore together the Eternal Father to obtain mercy".
Profoundly adoring, I said to Him:- Adored Jesus, to live in my heart this grace with You, and by your lips implore together the Eternal Father! - Coming back home thus, my soul submerged in adoration, my heart began beating so hard, under the effect of the grace, that I almost burst… Then I implored Him: - I wish so much, adored Jesus, that your so great grace should as soon as possible be known publicly, and the greatest number of people feel profoundly your intimate desire.
The Lord Jesus asked me to write down specially in what manner we can help souls:

J.C.- "Owing to the respect of fast I am asking, the souls of priests, eight days after their death, will be liberated from purgatory".
(Note : the severe fast : during one day, one must take only bread and water).


September 29th, 1962.
My soul is continuously filled with the Flame of Love of the Most Holy Virgin. Even during nightly hours, when I remain a little without sleeping, I implore her unceasingly to help her silent miracle to take fire on the world as soon as possible. When, early in the morning, I arrived at the church, as if the Blessed Virgin had waited this moment to tell me, in the silence of the church:

B.V.- "Do you know, my little one, how you have to consider these two days: Thursday and Friday? Like great days of graces. Those who, on these days, atone to my Divine Son will receive a great grace. During hours of atonement, the power of Satan loses its strength in the measure that souls making atonement implore for sinners...
It is not necessary to do anything striking, it is not necessary to boast of love. It burns in the depths of hearts and spreads to others.
I want that not only you know my name, but also the Flame of Love of my maternal Heart, beating for all of you. And I committed to you the responsibility to make this burning love known. That is why you have to be very humble. Such a great grace has been given to very few. Hold in great esteem such a great grace, and what you have to most love and look for in it, let it be exterior and also interior humiliations. Never believe that you are somebody.

Let considering yourself as nothing be your main preoccupation. You must never cease to exercise yourself in that. Even after your death, that must remain in effect; it is for that reason also that you receive the graces of exterior and also interior humiliations. Thus, you will be able to stay loyal, to diffuse my Flame of Love. Take advantage of every occasion: You too, by your own efforts, seek after exterior and interior humiliations, because what you seek for yourself increases even more your humility".

When the Blessed Virgin ended these maternal instructions, my heart filled with a profound humility. The Blessed Virgin allowed me to feel how powerful she is and, however, how humble and modest she was during her terrestrial life.
The Blessed Virgin gave me an order to write that communication in such a detailled manner, because this request from her part, that she delivers through me, is a "Message" for all her children who will be the first to spread her Flame of Love.


On another occasion, Satan tempted me terribly. I was hardly succeeding in maintaining my thoughts turned towards God. He reasoned thus: Satan-: "Don’t strive so much again, you are not going to obtain anything with that! You can see it, you have no patron. It is only because of your stubbornness that you are persisting and striving so stupidly".
Amid these terrible vexations, I asked the Holy Spirit: Spirit of Intelligence, Spirit of Force, Spirit of Wisdom, come down on me and take possession of me!

The Evil One shouted in the bottom of my heart: - "Only in your liberty is might, wisdom, intelligence. Why don’t you make use of your human rights? You are not bad, you are only terribly stubborn...Be strong, and aim to liberate yourself from this vanity. Be convinced of that, you will never attain your end, all that is going to be hushed up in an endless shame...After so many setbacks, recover your spirits!
Lead a retired and quiet life! Why make a martyr of yourself? Anyway, you will not receive any reward for that!"


October 13th, 1962.
Since many months the Lord Jesus speaks to me. I didn’t write that, I have not always the means to do it. Today also, I was in the silent solitude of the church. I was praying for dying priests. The Lord Jesus, moved, whispered to me:

JC.-"Let our hands gather together! Pray, pray much, much to the suffering souls in purgatory, help them with your prayers and sacrifices, when the more it costs you to pray for the souls suffering more helps them."


I also asked the effusion of grace of the Flame of Love of the Blessed Virgin for souls in Purgatory, when the Lord Jesus permitted me to feel that, at this very moment, a soul was just liberated from the Purgatory. I felt in my soul an undescribable relief. At this very moment, by pure grace of God, my soul submerged in the immeasurable happiness of the soul introducing itself before God. Afterward, I prayed, with all self-communion of my soul, for dying priests.

Meanwhile a very distressing feeling inundated all my interior. These are sufferings the Lord gives so that I should be able to gather souls with Him. During my profound selfcommunion, a sight, light as a breath of the Blessed Virgin, surprised my soul:
B.V.- "Your compassion for poor souls has so much moved my maternal Heart, my little one, that I allow you the grace you asked for. If, at whatever moment, invoking my Flame of Love, you recite in my honour three Ave Maria, each time a soul will be liberated from the Purgatory. During the month of defunct souls (november), to the recitation of each Ave Maria, 10 souls will be liberated from Purgatory.
Ailing souls must feel them too, the effect of grace of the Flame of Love of my maternal Heart".


October 19th, 1962.
The Most Holy Virgin continued this conversation in the church:

B.V.- "My Flame of Love has become so incandescent, my little one, that it is not only its light but also its heat that I want to spread on you with all its might.
My Flame of Love is so high that I cannot retain it any longer inside of Me; with an explosive strength it springs towards you. My Love, which is spreading, will burst the satanic hatred which contaminates the world, in order that the greatest number of souls save themselves from damnation. I affirm it, nothing similar to that has ever existed. It is my greatest miracle I am doing with you now (and she begged me, imploring me not to misunderstand her!).

My words are as clear as crystal and easy to understand, however, do not confuse them, do not interpret them badly, because your responsibility would be great if you did. Get to work, don’t stay doing nothing! I will help you in an almost miraculous manner, and my help will be continuous. Be confident in Me! Act urgently!
Do not postpone my cause for another day!

Satan is not standing with arms folded, he is making huge efforts. He is feeling already that my Flame of Love is lighting up. It has provoqued his terrible wrath. Enter into the battle. We will be the winners! My Flame of Love will blind Satan in the same measure that you will propagate it in the whole world.
I want that, as my name is known throughout the world, so also be known the Flame of Love of my Heart, which makes miracles in the bottom of hearts. With regard to this miracle, you don’t need to begin to make investigations.
The whole world will feel its genuineness in their heart. And the one who will have felt it once will communicate it to others, because my grace will act in him. This miracle doesn’t need to be authentified.
I am going to authentify it in every soul, so that they should know the effusion of grace of my Flame of Love."

While the Blessed Virgin was telling me these things, she maintained my soul submerged in the dark obscurity of the grotto of Bethleem, and enlightened the admirable and great mystery of "... And the Word became Flesh"
with the brightness of her divine motherhood: How the Son of God, from his birth, made Himself present among us in the greatest poverty and humility. The Blessed Virgin confirmed me again in humility and told me:

B.V.- "Be the soul that always is looking uniquely for humility. Stay away from those who honour you and love you, and look only to be humiliated. Love those who speak badly of you and those who misunderstand you".

After she had said that, her voice melted with the Words of the Lord Jesus. He spoke in this manner:

J.C.- "This is my teaching. Do this! I give you time and opportunity to practice the lesson I am giving you.


November 6th-7th, 1962.
I was kneeling, in silence, without saying a word. He didn’t cease congratulating me. Meanwhile, the Devil managed to torture me, but at my great amazement, his presence arose in me a special feeling, but not of fear. He could not hurt me, but drew attention on himself. I did my utmost to listen to the words of the Lord.
The Devil, however, struggled powerless, and said: Satan- : "Now it will be easy for you, you got freed from between my claws!"

-I was amazed and didn’t understand what it could be. It never happened to me, up to now, to stay kneeling silently for hours, meditating in myself why the Devil was so exasperated....
While I was kneeling thus, I heard the voice of the Blessed Virgin in my heart:

B.V.- "You are the first, I flood with the effect of my Flame of Love full of graces, my little one, and, in union with you, all souls. When somebody makes adoration of atonement or a visit to the Blessed Sacrament, as long as it lasts, Satan is losing his domination on the parish souls. As long as he is blind, he ceases to reign on souls."

How can I describe the weight I felt in my heart, when the Blessed Virgin gave me these things? During my meditation, I heard:

B.V.- "Your acceptation of sacrifices and your fidelity, my little one, induce me to spread upon you, in a greater measure again, the effect of my Flame of Love, and first and in the greatest measure upon you, because you are the first to receive it". After that, the Blessed Virgin prepared me to support greater sufferings again, but this no longer raised fears in me, because possessing the Flame of Love of the Blessed Virgin, and knowing with what great force she clothed me, gave me almost superhuman strength and consolation.


November 17th, 1962.
Early in the morning, I woke up hearing my guardian angel saying: "Angels and saints are looking at you with great admiration". He asked me to increase in me with all my might the profound adoration and praise to the divine Holy Majesty because: "These graces of incomparable importance, only very few people have been chosen to receive them".
Hearing his admonishments, the weight of my sins became heavy on me. I felt so unworthy of this abundance of graces that the effect of the Flame of love of the Blessed Virgin is spreading on me...

On this day, the Blessed Virgin talked a long time with me. I cannot describe everything, only what happened during the morning hours. My misery of an indescribable weight depressed my soul. Then, hearing the words of the Blessed Virgin, I was listening to them with greater respect than up to this moment.
I felt that she also was on the point of communicating extraordinary matters...
During the holy mass, the Blessed Virgin infused in my subconscious what I am feeling now and which made my soul become so light and elevated to so sublime a state.

B.V.- "This great grace, my little one, is holy purity" At these words, I was very started. After a short silent wait, the Blessed Virgin continued in this manner:

B.V.- "You were just purified of all stain which was the mark of the sins against purity. Henceforth, in any place where you go in, it will be given to a great number to perceive the special purity of your soul, that the effect of my Flame of Love spread on you and will spread on all those who believe and trust Me.


On one occasion, the Blessed Virgin spoke in this manner:

B.V.- "If you assist at holy mass when there is no obligation to assist, and being in a state of grace before God, I will spread the Flame of Love of my Heart, and blind Satan during all that time. My graces will run abundantly up to these souls for whom you are offering this mass.
The reason for that is that Satan, become blind and deprived of his power, cannot do anything. Participation to holy mass is what helps most to blind Satan.
Eager for a terrible revenge, tormented, he is delivering a much fiercer fight against souls, because he is feeling that his blindness is approaching".


November 30th, 1962.
Today, just when I began to ring the bell at six o’clock in the morning, the Blessed Virgin spoke to me nicely:

B.V.- "All day long also, offer your works for the Glory of God! This offering also, made in state of grace, helps to blind Satan. Live in conformity with my graces, in order that Satan be blind always more and in a radius of action always larger.
These abundant graces I am offering you, if you use them well, will bring with them the improvement of a multitude of souls".


December 15th, 1962.
Today, I woke up with that blessing which had a wonderful and peaceful effect on me. My heart was really beating with joy. I was thinking of the Flame of Love of the Blessed Virgin. On my way to the holy mass, she told me:

B.V.- "Take it easy, my little one. Let’s walk together... I too was tiring myself like you, but now we are going to take a good rest".
While we were talking thus, I went to ring the bells. Afterwards, I bowed before the Lord Jesus: "Beloved Jesus, how many things I have to tell you! Then I began saying to Him what was giving me peace so much. I thanked Him for his abundant graces, and after I had adored Him staying without word and in silence...
He softly told me:

J.C.- "It is necessary to prepare Us for great sufferings, but I will not let you alone. If it is necessary, I will make a miracle. Your sufferings will be extremely great. Now is coming the persecution by which Herod wanted to make Me die when I was again a little Child. But, as I and my Mother We abandoned ourselves to the Heavenly Father, you too, in the same manner, commit yourself to Us!"

Meanwhile, He inundated me with a new and admirable grace. I cannot in any way express by words the grace He spread upon me while saying to me:

JC.- "What I am giving to you, now, is the great grace of full abandonment to Me.
It will dominate fully your being during your whole life and irradiate on others also, starting from your soul ".

It is an admirable, incomparable and sublime feeling, the one of the grace of abandonment in God. I couldn’t have tolerated it if He had not given me a special grace to support it. And meanwhile, the Lord Jesus continued speaking:

JC.- "You were moved in receiving the blessing of the Lord bishop, weren’t you?
I was there when he traced the Cross on your forehead. I permitted it for two
reasons: to give you a reward for your numerous sufferings, and for the bishop to feel also my Divine Will concerning your person".


September 12th, 1963.
After my holy confession, the Lord Jesus inundated me with hard torments, and these sufferings alternated. Once, I had to suffer because doubts were assailing me, another time because, on the request of the Blessed Virgin, I had to suffer the agony of the dying and their struggle against Satan.
The Blessed Virgin told me again:

B.V- "You see, my little one, if the Flame of Love of my Heart lights up on earth, its effect of grace will spread also on the dying. Satan will become blind and, with the help of your prayer during your nightly vigil, the terrible struggle of moribunds against Satan will come to an end, and under the soft light of my Flame of Love, even the most hardened sinner will become converted".

And while she was telling me that, my sufferings increased so much that I almost burst in tears because of the pain.


September 16th, 1963.
The Blessed Virgin spoke again:

B.V.- "My little one, I extend the effect of grace of the Flame of Love of my Heart on all people and nations, not only on those who live in the Holy Mother the Church, but on all souls marked with the sign of the blessed Cross of my Divine Son".
Posterior annotation in the diary: "Also on the nonbaptized!" -(These things, the Blessed Virgin repeated them on September 19th and 22nd also)


December 27th, 1962.
In the morning, kneeling before the Tabernacle and in the middle of torments which afflicted my soul, weeping and sobbing, I cried to the Lord: Where are You, beloved Jesus? Why do I have to live without You?... Give me the grace of conversion!...
In all my life, I never wept as much as these last times. You, Heavenly Mother, where are you? When I am thinking of your Flame of Love, shame almost burns my face.

Why is it thus?... "It would have been better if I hadn’t been born, like it is said of Judas... Recover your senses, at last!" Now the voice began to give howls, excited by a terrible fury. Then I understood instantly that the Evil One was flaring up with the aim of forcing me to acknowledge that it is he who is right.
Then, for one moment, came to me a sweet feeling : should that be the will of God? But the next moment, the depressing torment that I had told a lie weighted on me with a greater force again : One doesn’t escape damnation! It gives me dizziness to think that I prefer to incur damnation instead of acknowledging and eating my lies, about what I had believed before, that they were celestial voices talking to me.

And because of them, I will incur damnation... Oh, little Jesus of Chrismas, I am not one of the souls You saved. The one who lies in the name of my Mother will incur damnation. Now, in this summit of spiritual torments, I am finding no more words...
After that, my dear and good little sister, I don’t know how you will speak with me again. What you are thinking of me, I imagine it. Maybe, by tactfulness, you are not going to despise me like Father X did. Let it be said for my defence that I acknowledge my deceptive lies. But, unhappily, it doesn’t relieve my soul... I beg of you again and again, help me, pray for me and, if possible, come to see me.

December 30th, 1962 The torments of temptations were vanishing slowly in my soul. One day, I was repairing the carpet of our parish church, which was cold, without heating. My hands were growing numb because of the cold, and I could hardly hold the darning-needle. I thought : immediately after end, I will go home to heat myself. This work of making repairs to the carpet, I did it before the altar, in presence of Jesus consecrated. Then, all of a sudden, the presence of the Lord inundated my soul, and He began speaking in my soul:

JC.- "Why are you so in a hurry to leave Me? Isn’t it good being here near Me? Stay again with Me! Nobody comes to Me to speak !"
After having ended my work, I bowed before Him. In silence, I listened to Him:

JC.- "Truly, these great and violent sufferings exhausted you? Why were you surprised? Didn’t I prepare you to that? Graces I had given you before, strenghtened you for great sufferings, and now, because of these great sufferings supported, I am inundating you with greater abundance of graces yet. These great sufferings, I have to multiply and intensify them always more in your soul.
But, I am fortifying you with the grace of perfect abandon in Me, in order that both of Us We should succeed.

The fury of Satan is savage. I let him break loose on you for him to see how great is the power of my Grace in the soul who is committing herself to Me ".
After that, I remained again a long moment near Him. Lord, it is good for me to be here! My soul has been liberated entirely of the terrible disturbing influence of the Evil One. New sufferings have not yet assailed me, I don’t know under what form they are going to catch me unawares. The gentle Saviour already in the past had told me that my merit is going to be to suffer...
At this subject then, I was ignoring again with what cruelty Satan can torment. Now, while my soul is taking a rest in the peace of the Lord, came back to my memory some words said by the nun coming back from visiting Father X: "For that rejection, you have to sing a Te Deum, like your patron saint, Saint Elizabeth, did..."
The Lord Jesus asked me to think highly of the grace of abandonment in Him... He granted it to me at the prayer of the Blessed Virgin, who put forward anew her Flame of love, and that obliges Him...


July 26th, 1963.

JC.-"Again I have to complain –said the Lord- Listen to Me! My soul is suffering so much! These souls created in the likeness and resemblance to my Celestial Father, who fall between the claws of Satan, Hell swallows them.
This sorrow of my soul, the Flame of Love of my Mother can appease it. You also, my little one, you are appeasing this terrible spiritual torment. That is why I am asking you: accept every suffering I offer you".
After the words of the Lord Jesus, the Blessed Virgin spoke immediately:

B.V.- "However great the difficulty you have to affront, my little carmelite, don’t cease to fight. Through my Flame of Love that I am now spreading on earth, is beginning in the world a time of grace never known before now.
Be my faithful associate!"

July 28th, 1963.
I have to endure some terrible spiritual pains. I hardly succeed in standing up. I have to suffer for moribunds in order for them not to incur damnation. In my harrowing sufferings, the Lord Jesus made me hear his voice:

J.C.- "Really, you are suffering very much? I am the one who wants it that way, and I know that you, you don’t want anything else than what I want. I say that you have to suffer abandon, misunderstanding, contempt. That is true participation to my Work of Salvation which saves many, many souls. In the abundance of my grace, your sufferings become more and more meritorious.


August 7th, 1963:

J.C.- "My Love is almighty. Get thoroughly into your mind this great miracle: I am continuously at your disposal. With Me, all of you don’t need to wait forming a queue, nor asking the hour and place for an appointment. I am present everywhere continually. If you call Me, my ear is already against your heart and I attend to you, I caress you, I cure you. I don’t ask for the record of the sick, I am only hungry for the voice of repentance. There is the single step which brings you closer to Me: "repentance".

I know that many of you will have a set-back, but if I see that you don’t lose your way when you are holding yourself aloof from Me, I can sharply take you up from your prostration, because my Divine Hand is near you. If I take you up sharply, sin falls at once from you, and you come back lightened. For that, I don’t wish anything else than gratefulness ; for that, tell Me one single word:
"Thanks!" You ask Me: How many times? Every time I take you up. That is really, naturally, the minimum you can do. But if you thank Me in the place of others also, then you are on the way of serious progress. Pray too, my Elizabeth, for the number of repentant and grateful souls to go increasing day by day".


August 31st, 1963 I attended the evenings holy mass. After that, I remained again for a long moment with Him. I implored Him for a long time. The sister sacristan hadn’t noticed it, and she went out locking the door. We were both of us: God and I with my prayer of supplication. Absorbed, I interceded in favour of souls in purgatory.
In my heart, burned a great desire that many more souls be liberated from the place of suffering. I was feeling this great desire, when the Blessed Virgin spoke to me thus:

B.V.-"My little one, I reward the great desire and compassion that you are feeling for the suffering souls in purgatory. Up to now, you have recited three Ave Marias in my honour for the liberation of a soul. Now, in order to appease your ardent desire, in future ten souls will be liberated from the place of sufferings".
I could almost not understand so great a kindness. Instead of doing anything to thank her effusively, only a sigh came to my lips: Holy Mother of Mercy, thank you for so many graces!


September 2nd, 1963.
During breakfast, the review "Vigilia" fell in my hands. I began to read an article, when the Lord Jesus silently made hear his Voice:

J.C.- "Put that away! Did you forget that I asked you to renounce to all diverting reading ? Let your life be a life of self-communion, prayer and sacrifice. Or, maybe you don’t want to be a true carmelite? It would hurt Me very much. Self-denial is revealing itself difficult? Don’t worry, I am going to reward you for it!"

Sadly, I repented for what I had done and, after that, rapidly I began to work while adoring Him. Going out in the garden to hang out the washing, He said:

J.C.-"I am waiting in our little home. Come a little while to be with Me!"
Hardly entered in the little home, his presence filled me with holy devotion at once. After having adored Him briefly, I continued my work. The Lord Jesus asked me:

J.C.- "Do your best, and come back. I am waiting for your return!"
I came back hastily and bowed. He inundated my soul with his divine Presence and asked me:

J.C.- "Love only Me, serve only Me, even more again! You already know these words, don’t you? Look, I always ask of you what my Heart wishes most".


November 27th, 1963.
Once again, the Blessed Virgin talked and asked me with a quite human voice:

B.V.-"Tell me, my little one, until when will you all remain here without taking one step forward?"
Her words brought about immediately in my heart the feeling of my misery and uselessness... Then, she made me hear once again her words which sounded so marvellously like only once I had heard them up to now. Her words sounded majestic, severe and urgent:

B.V.- "Who, do you think, will I ask for an explanation for having put obstacles?
If there was somebody among you standing in the way like that, defend with all your might my Flame of Love. You have to dedicate yourselves to blind Satan.
The interacting forces of the whole world are necessary to succeed in that. Don’t delay, because one day you will have to answer for the work entrusted to you, for the fate of a multitude of souls. I want that not a single soul incur damnation!
For Satan will be blinded inasmuch as you work against him".

Here The Blessed Virgin added that the responsability will fall not only on the priests, but on all those who, looking for their comfort, didn’t enrol themselves in the fight to blind Satan.

B.V.- "Start right now the effusion of graces of my Flame of Love ! To your group, I am granting a wonderful strength to all and everyone personally. Your responsibility is great, but your work will not be in vain ! Not a single soul must be absent from the collective effort.

The soft light of my Flame of Love will ignite and take fire on the whole surface of earth, and Satan, humiliated and reduced to impotence, will no longer be able to exercise his might. However, these pains in giving birth, don’t try to prolong them!"
After that, she asked me again not to neglect setting her message to reach the bishop. (I brought it to him in a letter on November 28, 1963).


I would like to deposit in your hands a new instrument... It is the Flame of Love of my Heart... With this Flame full of graces, that from my Heart I am giving you, ignite all hearts, taking it from heart to heart. Its brightness will blind Satan. My Flame of Love is so great that I cannot contain it any longer in Me; like an explosion, it is springing to you.


July 11th, 1975.


B.V.- "My children, numerous are those who suffer - so to speak - suffer captive and blinded by the material realities. Numerous people, in spite of having good will, cannot draw nearer to God because material realities rise as a wall between God and the soul. Among you too, there are souls with good intentions who make from time to time important sacrifices; however, they cannot receive these particular graces they desire, because material goods or interests keep them blind.
These souls receive unceasingly the inspirations of what they have to do, but they don’t want to believe that this initiative comes from God, from their guardian Angel or their patron saint.

The Heavenly Father doesn’t desire that we try to convince these people or to influence them in any manner whatever, because He is waiting from them a voluntary self-denial. And also because the divine Providence, the divine tactfulness considers that the interested, in spite of warnings, could not renounce and could even fall into sin by distrust.


J.C.- "If someone renounces one of his own goods, let he not give it where his name as a giver will be commemorated for always and will shine for his own glory, but let he make it without attracting attention, in anonymity, because it is only thus that the Heavenly Father can reward him. For the one who engages in good works in attracting attention has already received his reward here on earth."


From Elizabeth Kindelmann: - "For the teachings and inspirations of the Lord Jesus (of God the Holy Spirit), the Flame of Love of the Most Holy Virgin prepares the way in our souls. If we make allusion to the Flame of Love, the Lord Jesus will illuminate our intelligence in order to know what we have to do: for example, between two things, which is the most perfect, which is the Will of God.

The one who receives this light, let he follow it, let he transmit it to others, and let he take care of it like we look after a flower, which, if it is not watered and is not cared of, is covered with dust, fades".


"Love God very much. Love Him still more every day!
The Heavenly Father says:
In the measure you love Me, in this same measure the world will free itself from sin and misfortunes. You are responsible the ones for the others! You are responsible for your family, for your fatherland, for the whole world! Let all feel responsible for the fate of the whole humanity!
Here is what you have to transmit the ones to the others:
"In the measure you love Me, in the same measure you will receive my inspirations also".

B.V.- "I give to all of you the grace to see the result of your works in favour of my Flame of Love, as well in each soul as in your country and in the whole world.
You, who are doing your utmost and making sacrifices for the prompt spreading of my FLAME OF LOVE, you are going to come to see it!"


August 15th, 1980.
The Lord Jesus and the Blessed Virgin spoke to me alternating between them. The word of the Blessed Virgin sounded with a firm but loving energy in my heart.
She asked the clergy, the persons consecrated to God (religious, nuns) and faithful Christians of the whole world that they, having the possibility to do it, keep fasting on Mondays with bread and water.

The Lord Jesus: "The Church and the whole world are in serious danger, and you, by your own power, you cannot change the situation. Only the Most Holy Trinity can help you, through the concerted effort of the Most Holy Virgin, all Angels and Saints, and the souls freed with your help".

According to the communication of the Blessed Virgin:

B.V.-The priests, if they keep the Monday fast, will liberate in each of the holy masses they celebrate that week, at the moment of the Consecration, multitudinously (*)souls of Purgatory.
The persons consecrated to God and the laity, keeping the Monday fast, will liberate in the course of that week, every time they receive communion and at the very moment they receive the Sacred Body of the Lord, a multitude of souls of Purgatory.
(*) Elizabeth asked later on: -What is the meaning of multitudinously?
One thousand, one million of souls?
Jesus: - "More!"

Elizabeth: -Anyway, how many Lord?

Jesus:- "Numerous souls, so many that it cannot be expressed with human numbers!"
You couldn´t understand it.


Let us not feel hungry, but let us eat bread in abundance and drink water! We can put salt on our bread. We can take vitamins, drugs and whatever is absolutely necessary to our condition, but not for feasting.

B.V.- "Those who regularly keep fast, it is sufficient for them to keep it up to six in the evening (06:00 PM.) In this case, let them recite a rosary of five mysteries this very day for souls".

COMMENT: To see how efficient a means for us is fasting, we find some examples in the Gospel. Let us think of the curative action of disciples, in Saint Marc 9, 14. The Disciples of Jesus asked Him: "Why could we not eject this devil"? He said them:
"This kind of devil can be expelled only by prayer and fast" (9, 28).
In these times, this kind of devil wants to undermine souls.


April 12th, 1981.
Our Most Holy Mother implores us to make her hencefort able to spread as soon as possible the effusion of graces of her Flame of Love on humanity. Let us not impede it, because it depends also on us!
They have a great responsibility, all these persons who impede or in an irresponsible way delay this effusion of graces!

November 20th, 1981.
I meditated profoundly the words of the Lord Jesus and the Blessed Virgin. Because of these words, the conscience of my great responsibility was weighting on my soul.
The Lord Jesus assured me then:

J.C.-"Do not be afraid! We are beside you, beside all of you. The grace is spreading in an imposing measure on the souls of all those who take part to my Work of Redemption. However, let them not be slow to accomplish our requests!"


December 12th, 1981.

The Blessed Virgin said:

B.V.- "My little one and all of you, my beloved children, be vigilant! Satan wants to pull off under your feet the terra firma of hope. He knows very well that if he succeeds in doing that, he will have taken all from your souls: if you have lost hope, he does not even need to incite you to sin.
The man who has lost hope is in terrible obscurity. He already sees no more with the eyes of faith. For him, every virtue, all what is good, loses its value.
O my children, pray unceasingly the ones for the others! Let the effusion of my graces act in your souls!"


For greater clarity, we are going to resume here the promises of graces and requests of the Blessed Virgin Mary, addressed to all men of the whole world: to the Holy Father, to the priests and to the laity. The Blessed Virgin, during the period of time which goes from 1961 to 1981, requests and implores unceasingly.
She begs sweetly but resolutely, on May 12th, 1974.

B.V.- "You ask me? I am the one who is asking you!
You cry? I am sobbing my heart out!


1.- "I would like to deposit in your hands a new instrument... It is the Flame of Love of my Heart... With this Flame, full of graces, that I give you from my Heart, light up all hearts, handing it from one heart to the other. Its brightness will blind Satan. There is the Fire of Love of union that I obtained from the Heavenly Father through the merits of the Wounds of my Divine Son".
(April 13th, 1962)
"We are going to fight fire by fire: the fire of hatred by the fire of Love!"...
(December 6th, 1964)

2.- "My Flame of Love became so incandescent that it is not only its light but also its heat that I want to spread on you with all its power. My Flame of Love is so intense that I cannot restrain it any longer in Me; with an explosive strength, it rushes out toward you. My love is spreading, and will burst the satanic hatred which contamines the world, so that the greatest number of souls escape damnation..." (October 19th, 1962)

3.- "I want that, as you know my Name in the world, you should know also the Flame of Love of my Heart, which makes miracles in the bottom of hearts."
(Sept. 29th, 1962)

4.- "I spread the action of the Flame of Love of my Heart on all peoples and nations, not only on those who live in the Holy Mother the Church, but on all souls marked with the Blessed Cross of my Holy Son, and also on the non-baptised!"
(September 16th, 1963)


She induces us to atone her divine Son so often offended, to venerate his holy Wounds, to submerge us frequently in his sorrowful Passion, and also in the veneration and adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament.

1.- "These two days: Thursday and Friday, you have to consider them, my little one, as great days of graces. Those who, these days, offer atonement to my Holy Son, will receive a great grace. During the hours of atonement, the power of Satan weakens in the same measure as the atoning souls will implore for sinners..."
(September 29th, 1962)
2._ "When somebody makes adoration of atonement to the Most Holy Sacrament or visits the Most Holy Eucharist, while it is lasting, in his parish, Satan loses his domination over the souls… As blinded, he ceases to reign over them."
(November 6-7th, 1962)

3.- "If you assist at holy mass when there is no obligation and you are in the grace of God, I will spread the Flame of Love of my Heart and will blind Satan during this time. My graces will flow in abundance to the souls for whom you offer it.
The participation to the holy mass is what helps most to blind Satan."
(Nov. 22th, 1962)


Conversion, spiritual renewal, diligence to attain holiness of life, the zeal for the salvation of souls, praying everyday, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, at any time. Anytime is good for to save souls for the eternal damnation.

1.- Veneration of the Holy Wounds.

B.V.-"Worship publicly the Five Sacred Wounds of my Divine Son: let it not be a private devotion but a public worship".
With regard to the veneration of the Five Wounds, the words of the Lord Jesus coincide with these of the Blessed Virgin Mary:

J.C.-"In honour of my Five Sacred Wounds, make five times in succession the Sign of the Cross recommending yourselves through My Holy Wounds to the Heavenly Father’s Mercy..."


While crossing ourselves: "In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen", we kiss the Cross or, at the very least spiritually, each of the Holy Wounds of Jesus while saying this invocation:

-"Jesus, by the merits of your Holy Wounds, forgive us and have Mercy on us!"

-"Eternal Father, I offer you the Holy Wounds of Our Lord Jesus-Christ in order that You cure the wounds of our souls!"

2.- The Flame of Love of Our Mother and the families. According to the intention of the Blessed Virgin, the spiritual renewal has to start from the families:

B.V.- "By my Flame of Love, I want to revive love once again in homes, I want to maintain united the families in danger of dispersing".
(August 8th, 1962)

For that, she asks:

a) "Atonement"

B.V.- "Daughter, I beg you to consider Thursdays and Fridays as special days of grace. On these days, offer to my Holy Son a very special atonement. The way to do it is the Holy Hour of atonement in family. This hour, that you will live in family making atonement, begin it by a spiritual reading, and continue by the recitation of the holy Rosary or other prayers in an atmosphere full of introspection and fervour. Make it being at least two or three, because where two or three meet together, there is my Holy Son.

In the beginning, cross yourselves five times, and in doing it, offer yourselves to the Eternal Father through the Wounds of my Divine Son. Make the same at the end. Also cross yourselves in such a manner getting up and at bedtime, offering yourselves by my Son Most Holy to the Eternal Father, and your heart will fill with graces".

(April 13th, 1962)

b) Message of Jesus to family fathers.

J.C.- "Send my request to the Holy Father, because through him, I wish to give out my Blessing, carrier of great graces. To these fathers who collaborate with Me in this grandiose work of the creation and accept my Holy Will, give them on every occasion a special Blessing. This blessing is unique and can be given only to family fathers.
At the birth of each child, I spread extraordinary graces on these families".
(January 1th, 1964)

3. Request of the Blessed Virgin to the Holy Father.

B.V.- "I do not wish a special feast, but I ask the Holy Father to fix for you the feast of the Flame of Love of my Heart on february 2nd, feast of Candlemas".
(August 1st, 1962)

4. Request of Jesus to his priests and to souls consecrated to Him.
J.C.- "Become converted to Me, and offer yourselves in sacrifice on the holy altar of introspection and interior martyrdom! Kindly realize that such is my Will. This interior martyrdom, Satan cannot impede it. This struggle in the bottom of souls produces abundant fruits as a martyrdom suffered for Me. By your desires, light up the Earth ! By your sacrifices incandescent of the purest love, burn the sin!
Do not believe that it’s impossible. Only be confident in Me!"
(August 7th, 1962)

"Where I put you, there you must be ready, firm, and full of the spirit of sacrifices... Take on you, right now, the Cross that I also embraced, and do offer yourselves as victims, like I did, because otherwise, you will not have the eternal life!" (October 4th, 1962)


That they give a good example (December 22th, 1963);
that they follow the inspirations of the Lord and make the souls see the importance of it (January 1st, 1964);
that they shake up lethargic souls and give rise to valour in souls (April 17th, 1962);
that they use their time well (October 19th, 1964);
that they let themselves be guided by the divine grace to a sacrificed and apostolic life (November 23, 1962);
that they make adoration and induce to it the faithful also (July 25th, 1963).

J.C.-"Ask my children to send souls to my Mother, and not to pronounce any homily without exhorting the faithful to have a profound devotion towards her..."
(April 17th,1962)

J.C.-"When I had been suspended to the Cross, I shouted with a strong voice: I am thirsty! That is what I am shouting today again to you, especially to the souls consecrated to me" (August 18th,1964)

5. The Flame of Love of the Virgin and the sinners.
In these messages, the holy cause of Salvation of souls occupies a central place, because the essence and end of the action of the Flame of Love is Salvation of souls, their return to God and their renewal.

The Lord Jesus said:

-"Let us have only one thought : Salvation of souls".
(May 17th, 1963)

-"O, how ardently I wish for sinners!"
(August 15th, 1964)

-"Not a single soul I trust to my priests should incur damnation !"
(August 6th, 1962)

-That is why He intimates to us: "Pray take part all of you in my Work of Redemption".
And He also draws our attention to the celestial "instrument":

-"The souls, created in the image and resemblance to my Heavenly Father, who fall in the claws of Satan, Hell swallows them down. The sorrow of my Heart, the Flame of Love of my Mother can soothe it".
(July 26th, 1963)

In a similar manner, the Blessed Virgin:

B.V.- "I want that not a single soul incur damnation.
Desire that, you also, with Me : for that, I deposit in your hands a burst of rays, which is the Flame of Love of my Heart".
(January 15th, 1964)

But it rests on us also: "Satan is sweeping up the souls in a giddying manner.
Why don’t you do your utmost to impede that with all your power?"
(May 14th, 1962)

Later on:

You have to apply yourselves to blind Satan. The conjugated forces of the whole world are necessary to succeed in that. Do not delay anything because one day, you will have to give an account of the work entrusted to you and of an ocean of souls...
Because Satan will remain blind in the same measure as you work against him".
(November 27th, 1963)


JC.-"Sacrifice - and much prayer! That is your instrument!" (July 22-23th, 1963)

All kinds of sacrifices: to support patiently the corporal and spiritual sufferings, unite them to the Passion of Jesus (May 24th, 1963), and also fast, to pass part of the night keeping vigil, etc.
Everyone, according to his possibilities, can practice them in all times anywhere. Even with the offering of our work we are going to make during the day, we can save souls (November 30th, 1962).

The sorrow for our sins also nourishes the souls (August 15th, 1964). Even the desire of Salvation of souls contributes to blind Satan (November 30th, 1962), because "the will of the soul is already Love". (September 15th, 1962).

The Blessed Virgin:

-"The more numerous will be the sacrificed souls and those who make vigil praying, the greater will be the power of my Flame of Love on earth... because the power of sacrifice and prayer brings down the flame of the infernal hatred".
(December 6th, 1964)

-"I will support your work with miracles never seen up to now, that the atonement to my Divine Son will realize imperceptibly, sweetly and silently".
(August 1th, 1962)

And the Lord Jesus said:

J.C.-"If you ask Me for some souls, could I be a repellent to you? No! Because then I would work against my Work of Redemption. I always listen to your persevering prayer".
(June 24th, 1963)

6.- The Flame of Love of the Blessed Virgin and the dying.

B.V.-"When will light up the Flame of Love of my Heart on earth, its action will spread also on the dying. Satan will become blind and, with the help of your prayer, during your nightly vigil, the terrible struggle of the dying against Satan will come to an end. Under the soft light of my Flame of Love, even the most hardened sinner will become converted".
(September 12th, 1963)

B.V.-"It is my request that holy nightly vigil, through which I want to save the souls of the dying, you organize it in every parish so that not one single minute pass without somebody being in adoration prayer.

7. Request of the Blessed Virgin to all:

-"In the prayer by which you honour me, the "Ave Maria", enclose this demand:
"Flood the whole of humanity with the blessings of your Flame of Love,
now and at the hour of our death. Amen"
"It is not a new formula of prayer, it must be a constant petition".
(October 1962 and February 2nd, 1982)

B.V.- "Here is the instrument that I deposit in your hands. Through it, you save the souls of the dying from incurring eternal damnation. By the light of my Flame of Love, Satan will become blind."
(July 9th, 1965)

8. The Flame of Love of the Blessed Virgin and the souls of Purgatory:

B.V.-"My Flame of Love, that I desire to spread over all of you in a greater and greater measure, is going to act on the souls of Purgatory also.

a) Those families who, on Thursdays and Fridays, make holy hour of atonement in family regularly, if in the family somebody dies, after one single day of severe fast (kept by one member of the family), the deceased in the family is liberated from Purgatory ".
(that is to say : if he departed in state of grace)
(September 24th, 1963)

b)"The one who fasts with bread and water, on Monday, will free every time one sacerdotal soul from the site of purification. The one who practices that, will also receive the grace to be free from the site of pains before eight days will have passed after his death".

(Agenda: MONDAY)

New privileges for those who keep a severe fast on Mondays.
(August 15th, 1980)

c) "If, at any moment whatever, invoking my Flame of Love, you recite in my honour three Ave Maria, each time a soul will be freed from Purgatory.
-The suffering souls also have to feel the action of the Flame of Love of my maternal Heart".
(October 13th, 1962).


May its propagation be the main aim of your life. HELP ME TO SPREAD THIS DEVOTION MOST HOLY MOTHER, by this love with which the Holy Spirit filled you, save me from falling in sin, and ordain that I live and die in your holy company.
Glory to God...

Implore unceasingly the Most Holy Virgin with this prayer: "Our Mother, submerge of graces the whole humanity by the action of your Flame of Love! Amen.

Each time you pray, asking the FLAME OF LOVE for all humanity, SATAN BECOMES BLIND and loses his domination on souls: "HELP ME TO SAVE MILLONS OF SOULS ".

My FLAME OF LOVE will blind Satan in the very measure that you propagate it in the whole world. In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph! (Fatima 1917)

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