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Do you know God? Living the life of God

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<---The prayers cure the body and the soul

Without God nothing has explanation

You,Do you know really who is God?
Of course, as I will not believe, will say some; I believe in God, I´m sure there is a God!
Is that all you know about God?
You believe in God because your reason is telling you, all the reality that surrounds you speaks to you of the Divinity, a Supreme and Omnipotent Being,
creator and order of all the things necessarily existing; without God nothing has sense nor explanation.

Also through your reasonings you discover that
not everything is finished for you with death, there must be have another life, there should be a reward and punishment, because your consciousness distinguishes between good and evil.
Thus always all the sensible men thought,
at all the times and all the places.

But our reasonings scarcely can go further on. If we rely exclusively in what our reason by itself discovers, we will remain ignorant of the destiny that God has indicated to us, we could not know, concretely, why we existed, nor as it is the eternity, nor how it is God, nor how is the attitude of God towards men?

God has spoken to the men

The answer to those questions has been given by the same God. God has spoken. Our Lord Jesus Christ is same God, come to this world in human meat to reveal to us the truths that we must know and believe for our happiness.
Jesus teaches to us: -
-That God is Father of all, good and bad. -He loves us infinitely more than a earthly father loves his children. -Listening always our prayers. - Always it is arranged to pardon our sins.

We cannot say simply, " there is a God" , we must feel the glory and the joy of knowledge that God is our loving Father, to which we must always have him present,
by means of the oration of every day.

God has founded our relations with him on the love.
He has made us free love him or reject him.
God cannot force the man to love him.
It would be destroy the same nature of the love,
that to exist must be spontaneous.
He who love him is near by him,
he who not love him is moved away by him.

Human race

We see first of all how the man thinks guided for the single reason.
One sees itself, as it is logical, in a human plane, plane different and superior to the animal and other living beings.

The animal only catches the reality, that is within reach of its senses, and as has not a reason intelligent, it cannot progress.
The monkey for example, today behaves equal that its predecessor of two thousand years ago, and every monkey is equal to those of its type, because the animal, is not free in its behavior.

However, the man is free, spiritual and intelligent.
He catches not only the reality, also catches the abstract thing,
what is not seen neither is touched.
The duty, the virtue, the honor,the justice and the injustice.

The man is conscious of God and of the eternity,
he knows that he has been born and that he is going to die.
In the same way that the man would not deign located to the animal plane,
neither the man would pretend leave his human plane to rise to the divine plane;
he sees between him and God an abyss incomparably greater than the one than is between the man and the animal.
It would never try to reach the divine condition, because the good human logic would prevent it.

Race of God, Lineage of God

And here the unimaginable thing, the truths that same God has revealed us,
invalidates all our "logic".
God has not created us so that we remain in the simple human plane, we have a soul done to image and similarity of God.
God has created to place us in the divine plane.
We are not only human race, but we are also divine race.
God wants to give us "His" divine life, not only human life.
Besides our human nature He offers us a divine supernature.

That participation in the divine life is called supernatural life or grace´s life or simply grace.
If we have grace we have a great treasure.
If we lose grace we are "unhappy", here it is the true meaning of this word.
What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?

Save your soul!
The true and great business of this world is to love and gratify to God our Celestial Father next to Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

By all means, it is God who saves, but it is in us if we want to be saved.
And we are saved solely if we accepted to God and we follow him until the end. Because in the free will that God gave us, is the great decision if we want to be saved or not.
Hence the phrase, "Save your soul". Because it depends on us.

If the man does not want to follow God, God cannot do anything.
It is known that one are not saved alone,
is God that unites us, chains us other people,
for that reason if we were are saved, we lead to other to the salvation.
Of the same form, he who is condemns, drags to others to the condemnation.
He who is saved, "know" that he is happy,
the one who is not saved, poor unhappy, "everything" has lost it and forever!

Be alike God

We remember always our highest dignity of being children of God;
we must to live like children of God, we must to feel the indignity of the evil proceed,
let´s fight against the evil and the temptations.
All the human perfection, all the good one that it can have in the man is like a reflection of the infinite divine perfection.

We put our persistence in perfecting and developing our virtues and good qualities, to be more and more worthier son of God.
If we developed our vices and defects,
it´s as if we would renounce to our divine race, we become unworthy of God and its Divine Grace.

God indicates us his glory in all his works, shows his perfection in the wonders of the whole creation.
We will try to be everytime good persons, every time better, so that the glory of God is pronounced in us.
The most Holy Trinity

The same God has taught to us that in He there are Three different Persons.
At the Three Divine Persons we called The Most Holy Trinity;
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
The three Divine Persons are a single God.
They have a same divine nature, a same desire and a same work, a same power, a same greatness, a same wisdom, a same kindness, a same sanctity, etc.
The second Person became man and is called Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is true God and true Man.

He is God for being the Second Person of The Most Holy Trinity,
and is Man to have been born from the The Holy Virgin Mary.
Jesus Christ has united divine nature to the human nature in a single Divine Person.
The human beings we have human nature and we can participate in the divine nature that God offers to us because we are his children.

The Law of God

God has taught to us how to behave, even has left it us his Law Holy, the ten commandments.
These are the confirmation of the moral law that is it etched in the consciousness of each man.
The Holy Law speaks to us of our consciousness,
for that reason, who doesn´t hear its own consciousness is as if doesn´t hear to God.
And Our Lord Jesus Christ left us,
with the word and the example, his divine teachings in the Gospels Saints.

The meaning of the Cross

Ours first parents Adam and Eva, were created by God in state of grace, that is to say, with participation of the divine life.
They were put to test by God, they behaved unworthily and they lost the state of grace.
For this reason, their descendants are born without the grace,
because badly we could to inherit of Adam and Eva what these had lost.

We have seen how the grace is something completely other people's to the own human condition, therefore, nothing could make the man to recover it by itself or to be made deserving of it.
In the same way that the animal for being animal could not reach the human dignity, thus also the man, when being reduced to the human condition single, of no way could by itself be made worthy of the divine life.

We never forget the true meaning of the Cross,
and try to pay to Our Lord Jesus Christ with all our love,
the infinite good that he did us!

God and the pain

Our Lord Jesus Christ, the unique pure innocent and, the suffer that Jesus experienced for our sins, teaches us how the suffering is necessary.
The same God has shared our sufferings in his body. Our Lord underwent in his human nature the worst torture and the cruelest death, by love to us.
He has redeemed us by the pain and the suffering and the humiliation .

If Jesus has suffered by us,
we do not have to suffer by we ourself?
We can try not to suffer?
It is as if we tried to be more than God!

Same Jesus has demonstrated us that the pain and the suffering purify us and it approaches us God.
God has not created us to suffer, but to be happy ones.
But all we know by experience how the sufferings and the bitterness make us see our sins, taking us to the repentance.

If the suffering did not exist, then we would be really wretches, we would sin in an unrestrained way and we would move away more of God.

Paying to God

Then take advantage each occasion to offer to God the pains and sufferings that we have,
let us take advantage of it as good currency to pay to God all debts as we have with him.
Also we must pay with love towards him,
with love to the fellow man and with good works of charity,
either material or spiritual.

These three currencies are the most pleasing to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Our Mother

And remember that God has given us a Celestial Mother, has given us like mother his own Mother,
Our Lady the Most Holy Virgin.
She as true Mother, is our Lawyer before God, is our Intercessor or our Mediator that asks to God for us.
She is our Co-redeeming, is intimately united to our redemption.
By will of God, She has been crowned in heavens as Queen and Lady of all the created one.
And as Queen and Lady of all the created one must be recognized by all the nations.

That different would be if She would be recognized like Lady of all the nations.
By her hands we received all the blessings of God, all the spiritual graces, all the material benefits.
We invoke to the Most Holy Virgin with confidence of children, and will always do the unspeakable thing by our salvation, by our eternal happiness.

We resort to Our Lady in all our needs. We must show her with our love that we feel her children and she will demonstrate us that she is our Mother.
We request to the Most Holy Virgin teaches us to love and pleasing to Jesus.
If we sincerely wish it of heart, she will come always in our aid,
and we will get it.
God only asks to us good will.
If we have that willpower, Our Lady will guide us in our steps and will take us to God.
And thus we will have reached the aim by which we have been created.
Love to God eternally and live eternally his divine life in Heaven.

To acquire the Divine Life of God

Now that already we know the aims of God with respect to the man,
we must inquire;
what to do, concretely, to acquire the participation in the divine life, or to recover it, or to increase it?
Our Lord Jesus Christ not only gave us the possibility of living in the Heaven the divine life, but that he let us the means to facilitate us to live in the earth the grace of God.
For it, Our Lord instituted the Holy Sacraments.
They are seven namely;

1) Baptism:
to the being baptized we are born to the life,
we are recognized by God like his children;
we resign to the demon and the sin and promise to live like children of God.
We receive the Virtues and Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

We acquire the right to receive from Heaven the spiritual aid (Graces) that is necessary to us in our life to be able to live in a Christian way.

2) Confirmation:
it confers who is baptized the character of soldiers of Christ.
The one that is confirmed receives from the Holy Spirit the strength necessary to believe firmly, and to be intrepid in the Faith.

He who appears before the men like soldier of Christ,
in this way, it will be received in the eternal life.
Jesus has said:
"whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven".

3) Penance or confession:
for this Sacrament we recover the divine life,
which is lost by committing mortal sins against the Law of God and the Precepts of the Church.
Serious sin is called "mortal" because it kills the divine life within us.
Although we haven´t grave sins, we must attend confession,
which serve to increase our participation in the supernatural life.

We must not confuse the temptations and desires involuntary with sin.
The temptations are converted into sin if we consent,
but if we reject, not only are not sin,
but they serve to our spiritual development,
because every time that we triumph over the temptations we acquire merits before God.
The temptations is the enemy without which we could not get victories.

When we attend to confession we must take care to do with true sincerity,
it is not the priest to whom we confess,
the priest is representing the Jesus Christ and we can not deceive to the Lord Jesus.
He sees our hearts and he will forgive us according to the sincerity of our repentance.

If we had the great misfortune of that sin separates us from God,
we must want to leave our state of sin and return to God as soon as possible.
We must return to the Father's house, He waits our returning, because He loves us.
Father's house, here on earth is the Holy Church.
There is no greater joy on earth, to receive their children for forgiving them.
God always forgives, but it is impossible to reach his forgiveness without repentance.

Repentance consist in true pain for having offended God our Father,
if it is sincere, and is accompanied by the intention to change of lives and redress to God by doing some penance.

Works of penance:
These are:
the prayers, the fasting, the alms, bear for love to God the sorrows and obstacles, accept with good spirit the loads of our obligations.
Pray for all mankind, visiting the sick, assisting those in need.

We see, then, that penance is not the terrible thing that we imagined, looked closely is a simple matter.

For the generous-hearted Christian who loves God,
is the most natural thing,
it does not see any sacrifice in it.
That is why the Church teaches that "every Christian's life should be a constant penance" (Council of Trent).

The works of penance help us overcome our evil inclinations and strengthen us in our goals of doing good,
apart from that can deliver from the penalties for sins committed.
The confession is one the best works of penance with a large spiritual value.

We can confess and offering it to God to make amends,
or to ask for the good of something or someone.
He who feels the desire of confess, but never done it,
don´t be afraid nor torture you with indecision or imaginary problems.

Go to the first Church you can find and say naturally to the priest;
"I want to confess".
By going out from the Church you´ll be surprised at how easy it was all, and you´ll fill up with joy and inner peace as you had never felt.

4) Eucharist or communion:
every time we receive communion we increased our participation in divine life,
we increase our degree of grace.
The host, after consecrated it has really become the Body of Christ with His Blood, Soul and Divinity.
Of the bread that was formed the Host before of consecrated,
is only the appearance, and the same goes for wine, after consecration will become the Blood of Jesus.

The consecration is Jesus Christ himself who makes it through the mouth of the Priest. This Sacrament is one of the major tests that Jesus offers us of His infinite love towards us, was not enough his passion and death,
but he wished to remain among men in the consecrated Host as spiritual nourishment of our soul.
"We feel more united to God as our Father and He feels us more united as his children when we receive communion." (Bosset)

5) The Holy Oils:
We are obliged to receive it every time we are sick seriously or in danger of death.
In this Sacrament is Jesus himself who comes to us to purify and beautify our souls, so when the happy moment comes to leave this world and go to heaven, our true homeland.

The holy oils, beside to communicate grace to the soul,
strengthens the sick making the disease more bearable, and it erases the anxiety produced by the memory of past life by committed sins.
This Sacrament has as effect the improved of the body if it is convenient to the soul.

When the patient receives it with full awareness and goodwill in spiritual disposal, the fruits of this Sacrament are wonderful,
not only erases the sins, but also the outstanding penalties for the same,
ie; if you receive the holy oils with the proper dispositions,
the soul goes directly to heaven without passing through Purgatory.

It's terrible to think how much damage do the relatives of the sick by depriving them of this great sacrament;
"in order to not to scare them",
or by calling the priest, when the dying is already unconscious.

6) Sacred order or priesthood:
It is a very special grace that God concedes to certain chosen souls by Him to fulfill ministry most sublime can to aspire a human being in this world.
The priest has a high dignity above all any other dignity, because it is of a higher order to all human dignity.

The priesthood is a gift which few can say "yes" to God.
Requires a total commitment in order to fulfill its mission.
Many are the spiritual benefits that he receives;
who becomes a priest, left everything to serve God.

The priest is the face of God, so we must pray to God to preserve him from all evil, and the wiles of the devil.
And pray so that there are more and better priests

7) Marriage:
Our Lord also wanted to make it divine elevating it the dignity of a sacrament.
God wants to create souls (as created our own),
and we humans, through marriage,
we cooperate with God giving him new bodies where He will put the collaboration that they owe him.

Married life carried christianly, rises in the spouses the degree of divine life.

Worship God.

The prayer
God always hears us, is our Father, and may not want any other thing than the good of their children.
We must pray with the heart put in God, humility,
perseverance and "trust" in God.
Each time we pray we must invoke our Mother the Blessed Virgin Mary.

We always provide our prayer availing ourselves of her,
that our prayer reaches the Holy Trinity presented by Mary,
that God receives our prayer through of her Blessed Mother´s hand.

Do not you think that this way our prayer will be pleasing to God,
instead of putting his eyes in our sins only will see the beg of her own mother?

Jesus advised us prayer in common, and said;
"where two or more gathered in my name, there am I in their midst."
The family that prays together stays together.
Prayer brings home the blessings of God,
so that all remain faithful to their duties and so that don´t lack the bread of the body and soul.

The Holy Mass

Is the most excellent prayer. The Catholic priest officiates the Holy Mass every day,
the most important tribute offered to God.

At every Mass is Jesus himself who offers and intercedes for us before the Father, repeating the sacrifice of the Cross, but without bloodshed.
And we, with the priest, we offer ourselves to the Father,
united with Jesus.
Our poor tribute acquires divine value because it gets to the Holy Trinity presented by Jesus Christ himself.

And this is how we in the Mass, "with dignity" we worship God,
we glorify him, we give him thanks for all the benefits received,
and we implore forgiveness for our sins and the sins of all men,
so that they all become and be saved.

Love to God

First Commandment of the Law of God teaches us:
"Love the Lord your God with all your soul and with all your heart and with all your strength and with all thy mind, and the neighbor as yourself"
Not enough with to love God, we must love Him above all things,
more than anything, because God must be "everything" to us.

If you have the desire and the will to love him, you already love him,
although your inside is felt cold.
Just think in the love that he has us to feel desires to love him!

O, my God! I love you with all my heart, because you are infinitely kind-hearted and worthy be loved!

This is the synthesis of perfect love.
The love of God enlightens our minds and gives us the determination to be better persons.
No one offends to who loves.

He who loves God is docile to his graces, and is continuously improving its way of life, effortlessly, almost without realizing it.

That´s why said St. Augustine:
"Love God and do what you want"

The Lord only asks us good will and sincere desire to please Him,
and He will take care of carry us of the hand.
Let us ask him every day that don´t let us into temptation,
and He will care for us, is our Father and wants the best for us,
just we must ask him with great confidence.

Our soul is purified more serving God with love, that all the fire of purgatory!

A single act of perfect love instantly reconciles the soul to God
(but you must be a willingness to confess as soon as possible).
When a dying person can not receive the priest on time,
any person must help him spiritually and make him repeat,
or at least make him hear, acts of love to God and repentance,
for example;

My God I love you and I ask your forgiveness for all my sins I committed today and throughout my life!

Jesus, Mary, I love you save souls, especially those in most need of thy mercy!

Eternal Father I offer You the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, to cure our souls!

Forgiveness, Mercy, my Jesus, during present dangers cover us with your precious blood!

Mary my Mother, save me from dying in mortal sin!

Or similar expressions.
Only remain us put oneself into the hands of God´s loving and merciful.

Love of Neighbor

Jesus teaches us:
"My little children, hear the command:
In the same way as I have loved you,
so you must love one another. "
We can love our neighbors "in the same way" as our Lord loved us.
"Loving all souls",
praying to God so that all souls are converted and be saved. "
Contributing with our personal commitment so that all our fellow men know and love God.
To love God as a son, the first thing is to know Him as you already know Him.
No one can love what does not know.
What a great multitude of men do not love God as sons,
because they had the good fortune to tell them the truths that God has taught!

Millions of men go through life ignoring the divine dignity to which they have right!
Living with broken wings, skimming the ground,
limited to the human plane, with a bitterness in his heart,
with a wish for happiness,
always dissatisfied because the heart of man has been created to love God with son love and only so the men will find the happiness, tranquility, peace of soul.

This is called the "Peace of Christ".

And you now you've found the meaning to your life,
that in light of the truths of God now understands everything.
Don´t you feel like doing "something" for others to also receive the light of grace?
Want to start now? Then repeat:


In this little prayer is condensed the perfect love of God and perfect love of neighbor.
Impossible to say more with fewer words.
Not even is indispensable pray it with the lips (although recommended),
you can also pray it with mind.
It´s enough that remember it, and try to keep it always in mind and pray it all the time;
when you wake up, at noon, in the afternoon, at bedtime,
hour by hour, minute by minute, at any time of day.

To save a soul from eternal damnation of hell there is no schedule!

If you more prays it, better you will feel, and will help you in your everyday things.
Say with me;
"Lord Jesus, I want to help you to save souls, give me the grace to pray it at any time at any place, enlighten my heart and my mind, everything I do is for your Love".

God has given us the great "power" to help others,
we can save many souls by praying this prayer so simple and so powerful at the same time.
Yes, this is a sentence with incalculable power,
because it is "pure love" and love all it can, because

"God is Love"
How great is the Missioner, is a man of God, who dedicated his life to convert souls and bring them closer to God.
All can not be missionaries, but all Catholics should have a missionary spirit.

You feel like doing something right now,
you can be "a small missioner" of Jesus and Mary,
trying others also go in the right direction, teaching them about God,
bringing them closer to the Church of God,
teaching them that frequent the Sacraments and teach them for the right road, towards God.

The most effective way of you help yourself spiritually,
is trying to help others so that the blessings of Heaven be poured out upon you in great quantities.
"God paid a hundredfold, and in this world, not just in the other.

"Whoever saves one soul, saves his own soul"
(St. Augustine)

The Holy Spirit

The spirit of the devil, the demon, does great harm in this world are the forces of hell, the demon and his angels.
The devil is the father of lies, Satan is the spirit of falsehood,
evil, hatred, envy, greed, destruction, lust, war, all sorts of aberrations,
from his mouth come out the most lustful words, big liar, falsehoods,
giving insults to God and all creation and he makes men do the same, cheating them.

The devil pursues man with temptations and make the nations groan under his yoke.
Do you know why?
Because man does not know how to pray to God to send His Spirit,
the Holy Spirit, the good Spirit.

Jesus teaches us:
"My Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him".
The Holy Church prays in her liturgy:
"Come, O Holy Spirit, O Creator Spirit, come...

We must pray for the coming of the Holy Spirit, for the world to be preserved from corruption, disasters, hungers and wars.
Just a matter of how we must ask for it.
We beg earnestly that The Holy Spirit continuously descends on the earth as one day descended upon the Apostles,
so that floods of light and love the souls of men.
The Blessed Virgin Mary should be venerated in all nations as the Queen and Lady, and then the peace will be back to society.

And will come peace and spiritual union.
Until this happens, the spirit of falsehood, lies and deception will get into everything.
No time for long delays, we are marching towards our own destruction.
Peoples must regain the simple faith in order to return to the truth and goodness.

God is your strength

Just united on to God we are strong, far away from God we are invalid beings, toys of the devil.
But if God is with you, who can be against you?.
If we are soldiers of Christ, we must fight against evil,
in haste and without pause.
"What a beautiful struggle, wrenching the souls to Satan"

What a beautiful task!
And when you've finished your career in this world,
you will go into heaven, in your "home" because it is the dwelling of thy Father and Our Lord Jesus Christ will receive you and will crown you with a crown of glory made with the souls that you helped to save.

And He will say to you;
"Come, blessed of my Father, come to occupy the dwelling I had prepared for you. "

And remember that if you don´t go to heaven nobody will occupy your dwelling, nobody, will remain empty forever.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Used with permission. Barcelona 1994.

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