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The prayers cure the body and the soul.

Do you know God? Living the life of God--->
<----Rosary or Chaplet of the Divine Mercy

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.
"Which of you, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him! So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets. Matthew 7:7-12

A similar text is reproduced in Luke 11, 9-14.
Christians are not the only ones to offer the prayer as therapy, the temples of Asclepius also had a religious implication.
Many were cured in these temples, for several centuries, using prayer as a medicine for the body.
It is known that in Roman times where the first Christians were served for feed to the lions, they faced the cruel death with prayers on their lips, invoking the God of Heaven, the necessary assistance as they died on his behalf.

It is notable that the Catholic Church is always associated with miracles.
Among these always are stand out the healings
Prayers are made to God or the saints invoking for helping.
Jesus knew very well that he was dealing with men of little faith they needed to see to believe.
Christ made see the blind , walk the lame, raised the dead, and healed the lepers. The apostles followed these therapeutic mood among all the saints had miraculous healings.
Amid all this there was always prayers before being cured, invocations to God, which is who really heals.
Even Jesus gives thanks the Father, makes a prayer, and performs the miracle.

A few years ago the medical literature was invaded by a series of articles about the effects of prayer on the course of disease.
Almost everyone agrees the quickness with which are recovered all those that praying they achieved cured. Many of these items were discussed in ways of its methodology.
How and how much they prayed. Who they prayed to.
If they already prayed before and started doing it because of illness etc, etc.

The desire of healing.

Doctors more than anyone, know that the first road to healing is the same desire to heal.
Not all believers prays, as they should, but who do it tend to extend this way to other spheres of life, and besides to believe in God, the saints, and Holy Virgin they believe that prayers heals, if we requested with fervor, with insistence, with perseverance, and above all with humility.

Humility makes God open his heart and fill us all that we ask him in prayer, provided it is for the good of souls, and if what we ask it is not for us, God favors us a lot more.
This tendency to cling to things intangible, spiritual prayers or tangible, upon seeing that really cure, makes people acquire some degree of security which results in feeling of wellbeing.

Could it be that this sensation unchain a reaction, releasing substances that cause relaxation and may even benefit the evolution of the patient's recovery. Medical-scientific explanation.
But for the believer, prayer is much more than a feeling of relaxation, they feel much better if they pray and know that healing depends not only on prayer, but also the help medical and they both go together.
"God helps those who help themselves."
Praying God gives us lights to follow the true path of physical healing.

In the case of non-believers, they extend their disbelief to the other aspects of life, including doctors and they doubt the promises of healing.
They tend to be self-reliant and with a high self-esteem.
In limits situations they are despaired, some resort to witchcraft, to no avail, and then collapse thier defense systems, both psychologically as immune and become depressed continually.

It is not surprising to witness a change in the beliefs of these people.
If someone prays with humility and asked for them, the merits of the prayers cause to rethink their conception of existence, and some even recover lost faith.

Distinguish between recite and pray

It understood for reciting the fact to say phrases or sentences previously learned.
For praying, however, do not need any exercise of the intellect.
It is an inner disposition and affectionate seeking only a encounter in intimacy with the Lord.
For it, you do not need construct phrases, or set in motion the memory.
No words needs, only the will it is enough:
"I love him and want to be with him"

In this sense we can say that prayer is a profound dialogue with God, and as in any dialogue, it is essential listening, open and receptive attitude towards Him of whom we hope everything, we trust and to whom we deliver our life.

If prayer is communication with God we must be aware that more essential than what we say is what God can transmit us and more even importantly than the message is always will be the Issuer.
All communication is valid as long as it favors the encounter, in this way the best purpose of the prayer will be ensure the personal and intimate encounter with God our Lord.

Only then we will see that the prayer made with the heart more than the mind, will join us so much to God that we´ll want to be always with him, and repeating this one with frecuency, we are not going to want nevermore to be away from God.

Why should we pray?

There is an Eastern proverb that says:
If you have a friend, walk often the way his home, otherwise runs the risk of that grows weeds and not finds the way.
This phrase expresses the importance of prayer.
The friendship we can do with God, and love that he offers us, it is a gift, the best gift that we can do us.
It is therefore complete and utter gratitude, no one can demand us friendship, we can not even demand it to anyone.
However, once friendship is made, needs to be cultivated, maintained and care. Thus becomes a chore.

Love is nourished by the presence of the beloved person. We need to find time to spend with him.
Speaking, listening, and see what he needs form part of loving and understanding.
It is not enough see him and speak him between the hubbub of people, we must reserve a space for intimacy, to be alone with him, to share life with who want to be, with who loves.
When this is not done or is abandoned, initially there is a careless, then the friendship is slowly cooled and finally the distance and remoteness causes in these people end up turning like strange and unfamiliar.
The presence of the other already says nothing, gone, and love died.
"In our relationship with God can go through exactly the same".

More than once we will have seen persons nearby, committed to the Gospel and that, turns on a rampant activism, they begin to neglect prayer and they finish losing faith.
The prayer together with the Eucharist nourishes our faith, strengthens the hope, increases the love.
If we stop praying is like if we stopped eating.
At first it feel hungry, but then it disappears and we are on the sloping plane toward death. Anyone who stops eating know what to expect.

The people who attend Mass suffer less depression

This is a proven fact it was found that people attend Mass suffer less depression, and are healthier than those who do not and receive the sacraments at home.
In case of the elderly is very helpful for the anguish that makes them see that their forces are not like when they were youngs.
Other studies have linked prayer with the relief of certain ailments such as asthma, anxiety and even some autoimmune diseases.
Without a doubt, faith can be a source of life force.

Better to pray in groups

There are hundreds of studies showing that prayer has positive effects on the body.
The greatest benefits are obtained when we pray in community or go to community rituals and ceremony (the Mass, the rosary and so on.).
Attendance at these events encourages a sense of belonging to a group, and forced to move out of home and stimulate the willpower to follow doctor's advice.
Some doctor in the U.S. and Europe are associated with some spiritual associations, where doctors are advised to take an interest in the beliefs of their patients.
Thus they encourages communication and stimulates the desire of heal in patients.
Because everything is in our inner strength, and with improving our inner can enhance the wish of live.
While some attribute it magical energy to prayer is known to be very good, effective, it´s as good for body like for soul, and is proven that it is excellent for depression, anxiety, loneliness, and also has served to cure some ills.

St. Peter Julian Eymard, estimated much the prayer, gave much importance, for him was the sure way of salvation, prayer unites us more closely to God.

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