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The Spirit of Prayer. By Peter J. Eymard.

Divine Mercy Jesus. Message of Merciful Jesus.--->
<----Prayer to Our Lady of Lourdes.

According to St. Peter Julian Eymard. Insigne apostle of the Eucharist and founder of the religious and servants of the Blessed Sacrament.

"Pour upon the house of David the spirit of grace and prayer." (Zech., XII, 10)

God by promising the Messiah to the people Jew, characterized his mission with these words:
"I will pour upon the house of David, and upon all the inhabitants of Jesusalén the spirit of grace and prayer."
Even before the coming of Jesus Christ, people prayed and God gave them the grace, without which they had never been able to sanctify the righteous, but this grace of prayer was not searched with ardor, was not properly estimated, Jesus Christ came as a dew of grace that covers the entire land, and he shed for all over the world the spirit of prayer.

Prayer is the property of the Catholic religion and the sign of the holiness of a soul and even holiness itself, that makes the saints and is the first sign of his holiness.

When you see someone who lives in prayer, say: I see a saint.

Paul feels the call of God, and was immediately put in prayer.
What does he do in Damascus for three days?. Pray!.
Ananias is sent by God to baptize him. He was going to resist a moment to the order of God, fearing the persecutor of Christians.
"Go," says the Lord, you will find him in prayer:
Ecce enim orat. "It is a saint, because prays.
The Lord no says: mortified or fasted, but pray.

Anyone who prays will become holy.
Prayer is light, understanding, and power, the very action of God, whose power obtain someone who prays.

You'll Never see becomes a saint those who does not pray.
Not to be fooled by beautiful words or appearances, that even the devil can a lot and is very wise on this: maybe he is changed into an angel of light.
Do not trust on science, which is not what makes it holy.
The knowledge of truth is only ineffective to sanctify it is necessary that love goes together.

But nay! If between seeing the truth and holiness exists an abyss!
How many geniuses have been doomed!
I go further, and say, that the good works of zeal does not sanctify by themselves.

Is not this the character that God has given to holiness. Althought the Pharisees observed the law, made alms, and consecrated tithes to the Lord, the Savior called them "whitewashed tombs."
The Gospel shows us that prudence, temperance and self-sacrifice can join vicious awareness, thus and witnessed by the Pharisees, whose works never worked, even though they work too much.

The external good works does not form, therefore, the sanctity of a soul, nor penance and mortification either.
What hypocrisy and pride, sometimes covers a poor habit and exhausted face by the privations!
However, a soul who prays, has a character that never deceives.
When someone prays are have all the other virtues and is holy .

What else is the prayer? But the practiced holiness.
In prayer are exercised all the other virtues such as humility, that makes confess before God that lacks all, that you have nothing, that makes confess you your sins, raising your eyes to God and proclaiming that He alone is holy and good.
That makes the prayer!, who prays acts this way!

In prayer also are exercised the faith, hope and charity. What else?
By praying we exercise all the moral and evangelical virtues. When we pray we are doing penance, mortifying us . The imagination is subjugated, the will is petrified, the heart is chained, is practiced of humility.
Prayer is the very sanctity, because it involves the exercise of all other virtues. So do not fail to pray "never, never, never".

So do, praying a simple prayer to God Our Lord, giving him thanks for the new day, and we are already praying, accumulating gifts and graces that only we will see when we get to heaven.
Some people say:
Yes, the prayer is just lazy! Yes?

Come the major workers, which are given to works feverishly, soon they will feel tired in praying than in surrender to sacrifice for any works of zeal.
Ah! It is sweeter, more consoling for the nature and easier "the give than the ask God"
Yes, prayer alone is worth for all the virtues, without which nothing is worth nor is lasting!.
The same charity is dried as plant without root when there is no prayer that fertilizes and refreshes. For in the divine plan "the prayer" is do not other thing that the same grace.

Pray continually, praying to Jesus and Mary, which heals and cures all your wounds.

For in the divine plan, "prayer" is not other thing that the same grace.
Don´t you realize that the most violent temptations are those who are unleash against prayer?.

The devil feared the prayer so much, that let us do anything, limiting our activity to prevent that we pray or we take the good habit of praying.
For the power that the prayer have. And the devil knows much about it. He was an angel of light, before be satan.

So we must be constantly alert, constantly feeding our spirit in prayer, make prayer the first of our duties.
Not is said in the Gospel that we must prefer the salvation´s neighbor to one's , but quite the opposite.

"What will the man gain converting the whole world and forfeit his own soul?"

The first law is to save himself and one´s is not saved your soul but through praying.
This is, ah!, a law that is violated all days.
Easily is neglected one´s by favoring to another, by giving oneself to the charity works. Of course, charity is easy and comforting elevate us and honor us, while the prayer ... we fled of it for being lazy.

We dare not indulge in this practice of prayer, because it really gets no noise and it is humiliating for nature. To live naturally one´s needs is feeding, the condition is eneludible for live supernaturally we must praying.

I repeat it again,
"never give up the prayer", even if it were neccesary abandon for it, the penance,the fasting, the works of zeal and even the Communion.

The prayer is for all states, body and mind and everybody are sanctify if prays.
- What! Leave the Communion ",
and let to receive to Jesus, before the prayer?
Yes, because without prayer this Jesus who receives is like wanting take a remedy wrapped, which prevents to receive their health benefits..

Nothing great is done for Jesus Christ without prayer, the prayer makes one acquires its virtues, and if you don´t pray, nor the saints neither God himself will make you give a step forward in the way of perfection.

So much is prayer the law of holiness that when God wants to elevate a soul does not increase its virtues, but whether his spirit of prayer, or his potential. The closer to God it is better, and therein lies the secret of holiness.

Consult your own experience. How often have you felt inclined toward God, and how many times have resorted to prayer and spiritual retreat.
And the saints, how they knew the importance of prayer, they estimated much more than anything else, continually they sighed for the moment to be free for starting to pray, which were felt attracted like a magnet to iron.

That why his reward has been the prayer and in heaven are praying continuously for us.
Ah, yes, the saints prayed always and everywhere, anytime of the day,they made a little place in their occupations and mentally rising a prayer to God and this action fortified them and gave them strength to face all the dangers for the soul who lives in the world.

This was the grace of his holiness, and also of those who wish to sanctify themselves. And what is more important still, they knew to make pray to all those around them.
Listen to David:
Benedicite, omnia opera Domini, Domino, Omnia, all things.
David kept attention and too to all inanimate beings a love song to God.
What does this mean?
Ah, all creatures praise God and if they do, we should praise for them!
We could encourage all of nature with the divine breath of prayer and forming with all beings created a magnificent concert of prayer to God our Lord.

Let us pray, let us make of praying our food, let us increase everyday our spirit of prayer.
If you don´t pray you will condemn and if God abandons you, keep in mind that it is because you not pray!.

You look like the unfortunate man who was drowning and he refuses the rope who tend him for take him out from death.
What to do in this case?
You are hopelessly lost!

I repeat it once again, leaves everything!.
But never let the prayer, which you will make come back on the good road, however far you are from God, through prayer, you will return to the bosom of the Lord.
Will give you bravery and courage to repent of your sins, and it will do go near with humbly to a confessional. It will do you mourn if necessary in the arms of Jesus, and you will ask pardon for having him offended.

If you become a devotee of prayer in your life, you will lead to holiness and happiness in this world and in the other one. That´s to say, the heaven begins in this world.

Pope John Paul II praying. Always invoked the Holy Spirit before starting the day... And he´s on the road to holiness.

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