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Divine Mercy Jesus. Message of Merciful Jesus.

Divine Mercy Jesus. Sister Faustina´s vision of the Chaplet.--->
<---The Spirit of Prayer by Peter J. Eymard.

"Humanity will not find tranquility or peace until it turns with confidence to My Mercy"

Words of Our Lord Jesus Christ to Sister Maria Faustina Kowalska. The Divine Mercy is particularly condescending towards the humanity of our time, so cold in the faith because of the pains which is oppressed, and because of the terrible anxiety of a future that is uncertain and dark.

Since 1931, Our Lord appeared repeatedly to a humble nun, Sister Maria Faustina Kowalska, whom he taught a new form of devotion to The Divine Mercy, ordering that were spread. God said so, through Sister Mary Faustina, his desire to lead to the unfortunate humankind to seek his refuge where He is the one and only source of all salvation.

On February 27, 1948 Vatican Radio announcer transmitting a special message concerning Sister Faustina, Apostle of Divine Mercy:
"To the world which are in the mouth of the abyss, Jesus sends his servant Faustina to tell you that they are throw in the arms of Divine Mercy;
So will grant to all men, life, true happiness, order and lasting peace. "
In order to propagate this devotion, the Polish bishops determined consideration by the Holy See, asking deign set for first Sunday after Easter the "Feast of Divine Mercy." (Ie the Sunday after Easter)

Brother behold the message, to the devotees of the Sacred Heart of Jesus some explanations for the mutual relations of this devotion to the cult of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

"Spiritual Memories" written by Sister Faustina by order of her confessor.

Her confessor can not resist the deep impression that he is feeling to come face to face with Faustina, a favored soul through the sky with exceptional gifts.
For Sister Faustina the holiness that ardently desired by whose longing had become religious, was not consisted in visions and revelations but rather in solid practice of virtue.

For this reason, with increasing evidence she did a lot of effort to obtain the purity of soul, humility, patience, obedience, poverty, kindness, charity towards our neighbor to which was always was shown selflessly.
To these virtues she added a great interior recollection, a deep piety and, above all, a great love to God.
The Blessed Virgin herself indicated her the active pathway in the development of the fundamental virtues. On the feast of the Immaculate Conception, writes Sister Faustina:

I saw the Blessed Virgin Mother of God, quite beautiful with incomparable beauty, as never never she is seen, she said to me smiling:
"My daughter, by the will of God I will be your Mother of a special way, but I wish you were my daughter of a very particular way also. Is my desire that you exercise in the three virtues that are more pleasing to me than all the others, and are favored of God. The first of these virtues is humility, the humility,and I repeat it once again humility.
The second is the purity, and the third the love to God."

Then she pressed me over her heart and disappeared. After this vision my soul was attracted to these virtues admirably and I practice them faithfully. They are engraved in my heart.
The Holy Spirit elevated the soul of Sister Faustina, made her feel the intimate presence of God, wich filled her completely, showing her heavenly and divine visions. The day of the Ascension, 1937 Sister Faustina writes,

"my soul was touched by God. After Holy Communion, while my soul was busy with Heavenly Father, I was consumed in the fire of his love. Then I realized that anything exterior may be compared with the pure love of God".

She saw the joyful of the Incarnate Word, and remained submerged in the mystery of the Triune God. The vision disappeared, and it remained in my soul the desire to be united with God eternally.
I was invaded a love so big to the Heavenly Father who all that day I was remained absorbed in an ecstasy of infinite love.

"Everything else, in the presence of the sight of God, disappeared like a drop in the ocean. There is no greater happiness than this one, that God gave me, making me understand interiorly, how much God loves every beat of my heart and how He manifests love toward me with a very special way.

It was these visions where she acquired knowledge and total dedication to God, who was born in her soul a great and ardent desire expressed in these words:

"O Creator mine, I only sigh for you. All that exists on earth seem me a pale shadow .
I seek you and I want to be in you ... Lord attract me to You ... because I die of desire to go to You ... O death, where are you? ... Lord, you attract me into the abyss Your goodness and you hide in the darkness.
Although my whole being is absorbed in You, I wish, however, contemplate you face to face. When will I do?..."

Sister Faustina had much familiarity with the Saints of Heaven. There were numerous favors and privileges obtained from them. He also had dealings with the Angels and often during the Holy Mass, the Child Jesus appeared to her. She had sublime revelations of the Holy Trinity.
These extraordinary events not only filled her with deep meditation, but rather ignited desires and inextinguible flames of love.

Sister Faustina died of tuberculosis in the Mother House of Lagiewniki, near Krakow, on October 5, 1938. The Priest Miguel Sopocko gave a great boost and fervently diffused the devotion to the Divine Mercy, doing social activities and efforts of evangelization, after the death of Sister Faustina Kowalska.
Miguel Sopocko reflected a very spiritual person and an extraordinary internal wealth, also possessed great wisdom this pious priest.

Priest Miguel Sopocko and Santa Maria Faustina Kowalska. Apostles of Divine Mercy at the service of God our Lord.

The Mission of Sister Faustina.

Humanity, specially in this last century has receded further and further from God.
For this reason, despite the progress of civilization, human being feels increasingly troubled and unhappy.
To save this humanity as guilty and as losts, Heaven has sent in recent times, extraordinary notices.
The Blessed Virgin in the great apparitions of La Salette, Lourdes, and Fatima, calls to repentance and a life of faith and charity.

"If this is not obeyed the great calamities predicted by the Mother of God, will fall on mankind as punishment for his transgression."
Of these great appearances we also have to include those made by Our Lord to Sister Faustina.
To sister is appeared the same Jesus Christ, who, with the new revelation of His mercy, wants to convert mankind and move away from the path of destruction ...
In fact, Jesus often repeated to his confidant:

"Mankind will not have peace
until it turns with trust to My mercy’

Merciful Jesus was first revealed to Sister Faustina in Plock, on February 22, 1931. Here is the description that she has left us:
"The afternoon of that day when I was in my cell, I saw the Lord clothed in white raiment. He had a hand in attitude of blessing, and with the other hand touched the white robe over his chest.
From the chest, in opening of the robe, came two rays of light, one red and one white. Silently watching gaze of the Lord.
My soul was prey of the fear, but also of joy unspeakable.
Shortly thereafter, Jesus told me:

"Paint a picture according to the pattern you see, and write below " Jesus, I trust in You ".
I hope that this image be venerated first in your chapel and then the whole world. "

After the manifestation of this desire, Sister Faustina indicates us two promises made by Jesus:

"I promise that the soul that will venerate this image will not perish. I also promise victory over [its] enemies already here on earth, especially at the hour of death. I Myself will defend it as My own glory"

When Sister Faustina, by order of his confessor, asked in prayer the meaning of the apparitions, received in reply the following explanation:

"The rays of light from the image represent the Blood and Water which gushed forth from the depths of my Mercy when in Cross My agonized Heart was opened with a spear.
White rays represent the water, which justifies souls, Blood red rays, which is the life of souls.
These rays protect the souls of the wrath of my Heavenly Father.
Happy will be he who lives in the shadow of them, because the hand of Divine Justice's will not touch it."

Merciful Jesus wants this poignant proof of her love, ie for having given to the last drop of his precious blood, together with the water, particularly be venerated in the devotion to Divine Mercy.
In order that instructed Sister Faustina to write this brief aspiration:

"O Blood and Water which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus, as a source of Mercy for us, I trust in You ".
And instructed her of praying frecuently.
For noone must doubted the feelings must awaken this image, he himself said to Sister Faustina write below:

"Jesus, I trust in You"

and he also explained why:
I offer to mankind a vessel which must come to the fountain of mercy for obtain grace, the vessel is this image below which is written:

"Jesus I trust in You."

This is the great claim of Jesus in this devotion.
"Burn in me the flames of Mercy", saith the Lord, and;
"I want pour out it into the hearts of men".

He complains painfully for the distrust:
"Lack of trust hurts my heart. Yet I grieve much distrust of chosen souls. Although that my love is inexhaustible, they do not trust in me!..."

To the greatest consolation of sinners He orders Sister Faustina writes as follows:

"The greatest sinners, before the others they are entitled to trust in the abyss of My mercy. The greatest consolation that I receive of those souls who trust in My mercy.
To them I give them many graces above their desires. I can not punish the one who, despite being a great sinner, and the worst of all, trusts in my kindness.
I´ll justify him in my immense and inscrutable Mercy."

The Lord directs a heartfelt appeal to men, so search quick to the Mercy before the Justice coming.:
writes that before coming as Judge, I will open wide the great door of my Mercy. Who do not want to go through this door, will have to go through for my justice."

The Lord gave to know several times to Sister Faustina,the enormity of the sins of men. Appalled at the sight of this monstrosity, she once asked him;
how he could endure such terrible outrages!.

"For the punishment-said the Lord; I have all eternity: now I prolong the time of My mercy, more woe to those if you do not take advantage the moment of my grace! ...
Confident of the Secrets of My mercy, I oblige you, not only to write of it for announce it, but also to implore pardon for them who also worship my Mercy.

Again said:
"My Daughter mine, writes that the greater the misery of a soul, the greater right the soul has to My mercy and invite all the souls to trust the unfathomable abyss of My mercy, because I want to save them all.
The source of my Mercy has been opened to all souls with the stroke of the lance on the Cross.
I have not excluded anyone"

The Feast of Divine Mercy.

The Divine Savior wants everyone to return to Him, not only the individuals and families, but also all nations and all humanity.
To this end, through his confidant, calls for the establishment of a new Feast, determining the day:

"I want the first Sunday after Easter is celebrated the Feast of Mercy ..
Jesus wants his Feast have vital importance. With this feast will get great privileges and graces ... Let us listen to the words of Jesus to Sister Faustina:

"My daughter mine, speaks to everybody of my immeasurable mercy. Desire that the Feast of Mercy be a refuge and salvation of all souls, more especially of poor sinners.
In that day will open the doors of my Mercy, pour out all the ocean of my graces upon those souls who approach the fountain of My Mercy.
The souls (all persons) that goes to Confession and receives the Holy Communion that day, will obtain the total remission of its blame and the punishment.

The soul should not be afraid to approach Me, although their sins were the most atrocious.This Feast, born from the intimate of my Mercy, is confirmed in its depths ... I want to be celebrated solemnly first Sunday after Easter.
It is to say in the Festivity of "Sunday In Albis".

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