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Hell. St. Pedro. J. Eymard.

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<---Spiritual Depression.

From book: Eucharistic Works of St. Peter Julián Eymard..

Let's talk about hell, on whose consideration the saints themselves have put much attention, finding in it reasons to love much more to our Lord.
Love form holiness, but sometimes is needed the help of the fear and there are moments where it is necessary

I confess this theme scares me and that the truth more difficult is this "the hell".
But everyone believes in it, the infidels, pagans, turkish, heretics, and Catholics.
More to unbelievers or Christians whose faith is asleep, this truth " scared them"
and when someone showed them this truth, they blaspheme against God.

There are regions that can not even speak of hell, without causing scandals and without people is altered.
The salutary influence of hell only exerted on those who love God, others are only used to insult him more and blaspheme against Divine Justice.

How do you explain that since God is so good can condemn his creatures, to their children so dear, to an eternal hell?.
Althought be very good in this life, after death there is no room for mercy.

there are few chosen, said Jesus.

Two roads, one leading to life and the other to death. The first road is followed by few, while the second one is covered of people.

In the words of Jesus,

more than half of humanity it would be condemn.

And even when the Gospel would not give us to know, what we ourselves know has to give us a little fear.
But these explanations fail make but mystery obscure.

How been God so good, and can condemn many souls to hell forever?.
There are men who would not condemn to death the greatest of thieves and God condemns without mercy!
and God would condemn without mercy!, and what a death and what a torments!

What a death and what a agony!. More that mercy seems perseveres in the afterlife, and forgive souls from purgatory.
Yes forgives the souls in purgatory, but not to those condemned.

For them no compassion, condemns them and mocks them:
Subsanabo eos (Prov., I, 26).

And there are among the condemned are those who have served Him for long and they were regarded as saints Subsanabo.!
Finding in them a lack mortal, God does not consider all their services and precipitate them into the abyss of fire.

Eternity, eternity of punishment, eternity deprivation of God!
just thinking of it, horrify!
Eternity of despair, of shame, of tortures ...
nothing more say it, shakes to all members!.

We understand that there have been doctors for whom the hell was not eternal, by repugnant too much to the divine goodness, as if hell only lasts a thousand years.
It is an error condemned by the Church, but no wonder he has counted with many supporters of this thought as it responds to the fear of eternity in hell with eternal suffering and relieves frightened spirit.

The desperation here is even more cruel punishment, which does not resist without special help of divine grace. Those who have no faith prefer to die and they search the suicide as way out, more in hell you can not suicide, but there is must live in agony, in the throes of despair that not finish ever, without ever receiving the slightest drop of consolation or relief.

Here is a scene that remained deeply etched in my memory and that will give you some idea of what is experienced in the despair of hell.

They brought me a man possessed by devil in 1852, very good man, and in moments of freedom was excellent Christian.
The devil was speaking through his mouth cursing the eternal duration of hell.
The priest asked this:
What conditions will you accept to get within a million years a little bit of hope?
Then the devil, who claimed have been an seraph in heaven, called "Astaroth,"
possessed´s face lit up with sinister glow, said in a voice that hissed of rage:

"If from hell to heaven had a column adorned with sickles, knives and other sharp instruments, and every day we would have to climb it for about a million years,
we would do it, simply for having a second of hope, but is in vain".

And blaspheming and cursing with rage and anger launched imprecations against God:
"God is so unfair!"
Men, have sinned a thousand times , for we have sinned only once, while you renew your crimes every day!
And being so, forgive ye! All the love is for you and for us only the vengeance of justice, the eternal hell!

"And with despairing, he tore his hair, and would have killed if we had not been prevented".

See, moreover, that the gospel account of the unhappy rich he was in Hell.
Calls Abraham pleads with the father to give him a drop, only a drop of water to moisten their parched lips .

-"It is impossible", said the Lord, because the gap is unbridgeable between us and you.
You've enjoyed in the earth, is fair that now you are suffering.
Did you hear that? And yet, the richman did not commit any crime that punishes human justice.
The bad thing he did was that he used immoderately of the goods of the earth.
For have done that is doomed without hope or consolation, and for ever and ever and ever.
The greatest torment of the damned is not physical, but moral.
"His greatest torment comes from his imagination, memory and understanding". What torture would not suffer especially those who have done well during most of his life, or those who, like the priest named "Sapricius" that speaks of ecclesiastical history , came to suffer the first torments of martyrdom and did not persevered to the end!

These are the real desperate, those who suffer most.
They loved God and they could follow loving Him.
There was even a foretaste of eternal happiness when they served Him. And now they have to be away forever from Him!
Forever, because, says the Sage, there are three abysses that never say enough, the miser, death, and hell.

The conclusion that it is clear to us is the need to carve their own salvation with fear and trembling.
Yes, with fear and trembling, because perhaps we will never get convert us...
There will be in hell someone who certainly did not sin as much as me.
What a good has been God, because, not condemning me when committing a sin, because indeed, if he did, it would be well deserved and, nothing would have to replicate him.

The murderer can not answer anything when he is condemned to death, awaits that applies the penalty.
With only one committed mortal sin , I´ve killed Jesus Christ, I am his executioner and murderer.

No lacks in the hell whose persons were taken during his life as holies there certainly are priests and religious, which could happen to me also, maybe because they were more holy than me.

How good is God! not forsaken me.
And who knows if I persevere to the end!. Here's how bad.
Now I want to be good, but I will say this forever?
Committing sin before the eyes of God is wrong and one does not have enough value to atone for it properly.

Prefer to wait, saying:
I will confess me when I fall ill, doing a good act of contrition, and so I will be sure of my eternal salvation.
You are wrong! If our Lord said to come as a thief!
Lord will laugh at you and will undo all your calculations.

And who knows if I still will not commit a mortal sin?
Who knows if I will not renounce to my faith, handing me to the worldly pleasure?.
Because this happens to whom it is neglecting.

And even when there was none of that, only doubt is terrifying.
These words: "Man does not know if he is worthy of hate and love" (Eccl.IX, I) this one caused fear in St. Bernard.

Let´s take energetic measures and we do not trust in mere wishes or magical resolutions,
that all concerning of eternity is certainly little.
Who knows if I am going descending and I am going sliding down by the slope of mortal sin!

Let us examine!, to knowing, your ordinary temptations and venial sins, which are the ropes that tied Delilah to Samson before of knowing the secret of its strength.
Before this, easily undid the ropes, but the day came, that he was lost his strength: you know what his unfortunate end.

There are temptations and venial sins that almost always end up in mortal sin. These are primarily the temptations of impurity.
St. Alphonsus Liguori says:

"the most of doomed in hell, are or for sins of impurity or with sin of impurity."

Then come the temptations of pride, mostly spiritual and satanic pride, that leads to theapostasy.
Hell is a reality, do not be fooled..
"Stay awake", see the hell, as a punishment for the unbelievers, this make you reconsiders and convert you.

If to one side the vision of Hell and in the other the infinite love of God does not impress us, we run on the eternal damnation.
Everybody says, I believe in God, I do not do hurt none! I know people say to excuse one's own eyes:

I'm a religious of the Blessed Sacrament, I am living with Jesus my Savior,
should I fear? " also Judas lived with Jesus".

But I also love God. Also Judas lived with Jesus, he loved at first, but the tepidity ended up extinguishing this love, then became a sacrilegious and executioner of his master.

Two robbers were in the Calvary, one was a saint, according to a statement of our Lord, and reprobate the other.
Living with Jesus Christ, in the presence of his great sacrament of love, is everything for those wanting to salvation, whatever the cost.

But this only serves to aggravate the penalty when one is condemns, then falls from the sky like the angels. And with them arrive to the bottom of the abyss where there are cruel punishments, chosen tortures:
Potentes, potenter tormenta patientur (Sap., VI, 7)

Doomed burning in hell for ever and ever.

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