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The Holy Rosary. Its Origin.

The Joyful Misteries.--->
<---Jesus ask us a very simple act of Love.

The Blessed Virgin Mary delivery to Santo Domingo Guzmán the Holy Rosary.

According to research by church historians, until the twelfth century, there is no evidence whatsoever that we will pray the Hail Mary, but is as the antiphon in the liturgy.
Before Santo Domingo de Guzman was listed only four or five cases of believers who used to pray the Hail Mary.

Santo Domingo instituted the practice of praying fifteen tens of Hail Mary.
That is to say 150 Hail Mary per day (today is 20 decades, ie 200 Hail Marys, and was added mystery of Light) with an Our Father at the beginning and Glory end of each decade in honor of the principal mysteries of Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin.
This is what we know by the name of the Holy Rosary.

Saint Domingo de Guzmán was the first that it was found in his writtings, had ordered to pray the Hail Mary in their constitutions and their disciples of whom we have news, they were the ones who spread devotion of praying series of Hail Marys, meditating on the mysteries and knees praying the rosary, as Santo Domingo de Guzman as usually prayed it, of knees.

As reflected in his writings and as was customary at the time.
Based therefore, the voice of the Popes, according to tradition points us to Santo Domingo the founder of the Holy Rosary.
Although he was not the one who taught to recite precisely in sets of ten Hail Marys and distributing, as now, meditation on the mysteries.

This was not fixed until the fifteenth century.
The Holy Rosary, or Psalter of Mary "is an admirable instrument of Divine Providence, for sanctification in the temporal order.

In Lourdes and Fatima (the Church approved apparitions),
the Virgin Mary appears with her rosary in hand, recommends, exhorts and even asks of gift this practice of devotion.
We Christians must know that Christ's peace will not come if it is not come the Kingdom of Christ and will not come without the help of the Holy Rosary. The Rosary combines in its beads the most valuable Christian prayers;

the Lord's Prayer, taught by Jesus Christ;

Hail Mary, composed in the first part, by the Archangel Gabriel and Saint Elizabeth,

and Glory be, a former Trinary praise.

The Church dedicates especially the month of October to the dedication and exaltation of this devotion.
The complete Rosary consists of 20 mysteries, and 200 Hail Marys, but often prayed daily five decades, a third party.

It is a marvel of psychology where the recitation of the Hail Mary peaceful soul, and as background music, allows the contemplation of the mysteries.

The meditation of the mysteries could be imagining the scene,
getting into it, and uniting our feelings with the of that moment that would invade the Heart of Jesus Christ or the Blessed Virgin.
In each of the mysteries we pray an Our Father, ten Hail Marys and one Gloria.

Speaking of the Rosary, Pope Leo XII, describes it saying;
greatly admirable is this crown of Hail Marys.
Is an excellent way to pray ...
and very useful to reach immortal life.
Pope Pius XI in his encyclical letter on the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin,
is expressed by saying;
"What a prayers more appropriate and more holy we can found in it".
And finally, Pope John Paul II has said, "The rosary is a wonderful prayer".

To these invocations made, add the contemplation of the sacred mysteries that lay before our eyes,
the triumphs of Jesus Christ and His Mother ...
Mankind in all times been used as a powerful weapon for eject of the evil forces,
to preserve the purity,
and to more easily acquire a virtue.

The Blessed Virgin in our time, has strongly recommended this manner of prayer,
when he appeared in Lourdes and taught by example this recitation to Bernadette in the grotto of Lourdes.
What young people take out of it new energy, the elderly find rest, comfort and peace.
And anyone who pray will see calm their sorrows and anxieties. And according to the Blessed Virgin said:

"Who prays my Rosary shall not be condemned".

We also know the promises of Mary to pray the Rosary.
Promises spiritual, temporals, and Eternal Life.
Catholics and everyone who is searching for inner peace, and spiritual wisdom, the Rosary will drive to become more fervent and more diligent if they perform any work of apostolate.

We must everybody to pray the Rosary, and in particular to all those who suffer in some way, especially the sick, the dying to encourage and increase the hope of eternal happiness.
What parents teach their children to pray the rosary, specially when the day ends, at sundown, gather in pray as a family.

"Family that prays together stays together"

After a day of work, at home, and kneeling before an image of the Blessed Virgin. Pray the Rosary of Mary that they attract a lot of physical and spiritual benefits. (Fragments of Pius XI on the Holy Rosary).

In 1917 the Virgin Mary at Fatima appeared to three shepherds. The Blessed Virgin became known as:
"Our Lady of the Rosary."
She asked them to do penance to achieve the conversion of sinners and in reparation for the offenses committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Finally, urged them to pray the Rosary everyday and recommended add after each decade the following prayer:

"O my Jesus, forgive us our sins. Save us from the fires of hell. Lead all souls to heaven, and helps especially those who are in most need of your mercy."

It is necessary to meditate on the mysteries of the Rosary, and these are divided into:
Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, and Light.
Through meditation we remember the life, passion and death of Jesus Christ for us and in which such participation had his Holy Mother.
The Rosary is a short but instructive history of the life, death and triumph of Jesus Christ, placed within the reach of all the faithful.

It is a good habit to pray the rosary together as a family which is most appropriate, in the church, and especially at wakes, offering it to the Queen of Heaven for the repose of the soul of the deceased and to grant to their relatives a Christian resignation.

The Virgin Mary promised to those who pray the rosary and spread it unique and special spiritual goods,
and in heaven will enjoy a particular way and the intensity will be measured by the devotion we have put in the Holy Rosary.
"To pray the Rosary everybody, every day, worldwide, which is the devotion most pleasing to our heavenly Mother."

Let us Pray the Rosary every day to achieve health of body, of soul, and holiness. Who prays the Rosary will not be condemned.

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